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Minister Freezer M-235 blue price and review
Published: 2021-05-23 Views: 335

Minister Freezer M-235 blue price and review

Chest Freezer is one of the important home appliances. To keeps frozen food for longer storage and storage huge amount need deep frizzier. In busy life people depends on deep frizzier. Because of, not only raw food but also cooked food or frozen foods are keeps well in frizzier. These kinds of foods are not keep well in refrigerator for longer.

Minister Freezer M-235 blue is a model of chest frizzier of our domestic brand.

Shape-Area of Minister Freezer M-235 blue is H*W*L-975*605*835 mm. Its color is sky blue. It’s a regular type of refrigerator model. Two indicators light and one adjustable regulating knob is consist in the lower right corner of front side. When user will store more food at a time then increase the low temperature by regulating knob for deep frozen properly. Gross capacity of Minister Freezer M-235 blue is 235 litters. In CFT dimension is 13 CFT. Net weight is 35 kg.

Features- Freezer capacity of Minister Freezer M-235 blue is 100%.Cooling type is frost. This model has one lid. User can lock it if necessary. Refrigerant element of Minister Freezer M-235 blue is R-600a. Refrigerant charge amount is 33 gram. Blowing agent is cyclopentane. Door plate is made by glass below the lid. Its side panel is made by PCM. Another features of Minister Freezer M-235 blue is, it is built in stabilizer. So that voltage up-down will not be harm full for the frizzier.

Electric features-Minister Freezer M-235 blue consume 82 watt during running time. Its compressor voltage range is 135-260 volt. It rund with ac supply and rated current is 0.46 ampere.

Price and show-room-Minister Freezer M-235 blue is available at minister home appliance show-room at your city or town. Price of Minister Freezer M-235 blue is 25,269.00 Taka.

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