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Midea Water Heater D50-20A Price and Reviews
Published: 2016-12-22 Views: 3329

Midea Water Heater D50-20A Price and Reviews

Midea Water Heater D50-20A Water heater is one of the necessary appliances in winter season. This appliance adjusts the water temperature perfectly to use in the chilly winter. There are several types of water heater is available in the market with attractive features among them Midea Water Heater D50-20A is a new one.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this model


-          Copper heating element and heat absorbing sapphire enamel tank has made this model durable.

-          This is a power saving appliance and can save up to 40% energy. Therefore at the end of the month you may remain tension free in terms paying high electricity bill.

-          Fast heating ability with easy operating features has made this model popular at the market.

-          50 liters water storage capacity is good enough to support you for long a day.


-          You have to make a budget for installment as well as it is not an easy task to perform.

-          Compare to other model of water heater this model price is high.

Design and Outlook
This is a round shape main material Sapphire water heater with easy and fast heating features. This white color water tank can store up to 50 liters at a time. Round shape sophisticated design with 15kgs weight can be easily set at your bathroom false roof vertically or horizontally. There are two water connection line is given one for input of normal water connected to the water supply line and other one of warm water outflow. Besides it has knob control system to make the adjustment of the power level or heating level. This overall polyurethane foam structure absorbs the heat for long time and keeps water warm for long time.

Available Features

Available features of Midea Water Heater D50-20A are given below.

Modern style: This is a modern design model of water heater that can be use easily at place. Set horizontally and also can be set at you wall.

Copper heating element: This feature can heat up the water within short time.

Sapphire enamel tank: Internal body of the tank is made of overall polyurethane foam. That absorbs the heat of the water and keeps the water warm for longer time.

40% energy saving: Its perfect heating feature can heat the water properly and keep the water warm for longer time. Proper use of heating uses maximum heating and saves up to 40% energy.

Safe appliance: This is a safe appliance. It has Earth leakage circuit baker that make sure about the safety of the user.

50 liters storage: this water heater can store up to 50 liters at a time which is good enough to support you for long a day.

Price and Availability
You can have this water heater at any electronics showrooms within affordable price. Price of this Midea Water Heater D50-20A is TK 11500 (collected at 21-12-2016).

Have this wonderful water heater model at your home and enjoy warm water in cold season.

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