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Mega Discount on Vision Air Conditioner
2017-05-17 Views: 8601

Mega Discount on Vision Air Conditioner

In this hot and humid summer, what could be more comfortable than setting at air conditioner room? Along with rising temperature demand of air conditioner is increasing day by day. To meet up this huge rising demand domestic and international appliances manufacturer are lunching futuristic features base air conditioner within affordable price.
Among the domestic brands of air conditioner, vision is a growing one. They have been manufacturing amazing features base model of air conditioner within affordable price. In this summer Vision has been offering mega discount on split type 1 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton capacity base air conditioner.
Offers of Vision
Vision air conditioner has been providing lucrative offers as given below.
Free angle and steam iron: in order to air conditioner external part installation angle is very important. It holds the outer part and keeps safe from any short of danger. Besides, you would also get a duel ton light weight stream iron to press the cloth.
Free installation: Do not need to be worry about installation. Vision has been offering free installation. Therefore, air conditioner will be set at your well timely without any payment.
Best rubber Insulate: At the door of the refrigerator, best insulate rubber is given that make sure about the tightness of the door and hold the air for longer time in during load shading.
Long length copper pipe: refrigerant cycle is completed with R134a gas. This cooling gas becomes more effective due to have copper condenser.
5 years warranty: you could remain tension free for long 5 years. Vision has been offering free 5 years service.
3 % cash discount: Vision has been offering 3%cash discount at the time of payment. No discount cards no lucky coupon you would definitely get 3 % cash discount in the time of purchase on every model of air conditioner.
Installment system: Along with futuristic features and mega discount on purchase you would also get 12 months installment offers. At the first 3 months you do not needs to pay and interest.
Vision has several showrooms all over the country. Therefore you would easily have this model at your nearest appliances showrooms of Vision within affordable budget in this mega discount offer.
This offer is going on for limited time. So do not miss the chance to grab the best split air conditioner model within affordable.

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