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Marcel Air Cooler MEA-B168 M Price and Reviews
Published: 2022-05-31 Views: 356

Marcel Air Cooler MEA-B168 M Price and Reviews

You can use Air Cooler to get relief at affordable price on hot days. The main difference between AC and air cooler is that AC is able to create both hot and cold weather according to your needs and weather. But air coolers can only provide one type of cold air. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Marcel Air Cooler MEA-B168M is one of the air cooler models. 

Structure - Marcel Air Cooler MEA-B168M is a lot like a side box. However, it has four wheels in the four corners at the bottom. The wheels are able to rotate 360।. Sky color has been used. Water tank under the window. There is a part with a transparent scale, through which the size of the water inside can be shown. 

Management Procedure - Water should be filled in the water tank of Marcel Air Cooler MEA-B168 M. After that you will get cold air only after completing the electrical connection. The cooler has 6 press buttons at the end and then. With the help of these buttons you can control the speed in the air including off / on. If the water in the reserve tank decreases, you can see it from outside. Honeycomb media is used inside, which does not allow heat to accumulate inside. It removes the heat generated by the operation of the device. Vortex type air dacts blow air at high speeds, which spreads indoors.  

Electrical Characteristics - Marcel Air Cooler MEA-B168M is self-propelled with 220-240 volts power connection of normal supply line. Its rated frequency is 50 Hz and input power is 60 watts. Prices and Showroom - Marcel Air Cooler MEA-B168 M is available in the showroom of Best Electronics in your city or in the showroom of any home appliance approved by Marcel Group.


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