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LG Refrigerator GR-p209GSYV Price and Reviews
Published: 2016-04-17 Views: 2188

LG Refrigerator GR-p209GSYV Price and Reviews

LG Refrigerator GR-p209GSYV LG double door model refrigerator is one of the top ranked kitchen appliances. Among this series LG Refrigerator GR-p209GSYV is a smart one. Not only outlook but also its smart features will give you pleasure to use this model. Because of having double door system unlike ordinary model it does not consume additional space. Though this model is made for large family but it does not take as much space as ordinary big size refrigerator model does.

This energy efficient inverter system non plumbing model of refrigerator is perfect for modern technology.


This family size refrigerator model design is so elegant that it can be easily melt with your kitchen. Double door system has distributed both the cavity at 60: 40 ratio as well as has several storage box and tray to keep the food separately with real smell and test for long time. Its non-plumbing system will give you cold water and ice cube whenever you want. Moreover its moist balance system keeps the humidity at perfect level. Therefore food remains in perfect condition for long time even though in a box. Besides ordinary cooling LG Refrigerator GR-p209GSYV hasice beam cooling system providing cooling from the door.


Weight of this model is heavy than normal refrigerator as a result you may face problem to move this model from one place to another as well as this mega size will cover more space than normal one.


Nothing especial than that get this model at your home and enjoy the blessing of modern science. This model will keep your food safe at any weather.

Design and Dimension

Stainless Steel VCM side by side bottom fridge has made this model attractive to the user. In front of the door has water dispenser that not only provides water in one touch but also purifies the water and provide fresh and bacteria free water. As this model has been divided into two sides therefore it has more space than normal one. Along with ordinary storage box and trays it has large fruits storage box. This model has designed in organized way that you can make full use of it.

Dimension of a refrigerator is a matter of fact. Size of this model (W X H X D) is (894 X 1753 X 731) and weight of this of this big size refrigerator model is 123 kg which is heavy to move this model from one place to another.

Storage capacity

Storage capacity of this big size refrigerator model is 506 liters or 17 cft. In the refrigerator section storage capacity is 348 liters and in freezer has 158 liters. To make full use of this place properly several storage boxes as well as trays are given. In the refrigerant compartment water bottle storage rack, LED light, moist balance crisper, egg bank, tempered glass shelves for daily cooking foods. Snack corner has been given to store the snack properly by maintaining moister level at standard level. Dairy corner is made for storing milk or butter type food that require minimum moister.

In the case of freezer, like ordinary freezer it has huge space for storing beef or fish type food. Besides this features it has glass shelves for keeping the food as well as automatic ice making system. You do not require storing water in the freezer to make ice. Its automatic humidity controlling system generates adequate water to make ice automatically.

Cooling features

LG Refrigerator GR-p209GSYV is popular to make efficient cooling its R600A refrigerant cooling media has the ability to store the food in any season. 100% copper tube is generating cool without using any harmful CFC or HCFC gas. This model has made for all class climates.

Along with normal cooling features this model has jet cooling option for instant fast cooling. Moreover this model has door cooling capacity that provides cooling air from front of the door.

Electrical features

Inverter linear compressor consume minimum amount of energy. Its smart technology can adjust the level of power according to the cavity situation. It works as a sensor media if the door opens frequently than it consume more energy as well as in the case of sufficient cooling reduce the power energy. Therefore electricity bill will remain at durable level. As it is a home appliance therefore you do not require having high voltage power supply line. You can run this model with the normal voltage of 220V to 230V with normal frequency of 50Hz and this model only consume 500 watts.

Interior Smart Features

Smart features made the appliance more convenience to use its smart technology make the not only make the refrigerator easily usable but also provide extra ordinary features to keep the food fresh for long time with real aroma and test.

Ice beam Door Cooling: This feature add extra energy to the refrigerator and unlike other model provides cooling from the door. This cooling system is also known as 3D cooling system. Compressor are attach with door and generate cooling and spared to the foods provide extra cooling.

Bio-Shield: This feature keeps the refrigerator cavity free from mould and several bacteria or you can treat this feature as anti-bacteria. It does create protection wall inside and keep the food fresh for long time. As well as give fresh and nice small whenever you open the door.

Express Freezing: This function is used when you want to freeze the foods quickly. It works as a sensor when you press the button of expressing freezing it send the signal to the compressor and provide high cooling for short time. This option is perfect for cooling the water or drinks within short time during the season of hot and humid summer.

Moist Balance Crisper: Refrigerator does create humidity inside the cavity which is required but at the same time excess humidity is harmful for few foods. Therefore LG has introduced moist balance crisper system that has the ability to keep the moist balance at the durable level.

Non-Plumbing: LG plumbing free refrigerator have self sufficient plumbing system - not only can you install your refrigerator anywhere with a plug socket, but there are no unsightly hoses and no need to replace the filter. Only pressing a button you can have a glass of cool and bacteria free water as well as ice cube within short time.

Eco Friendly: This option has made this model more demandable. LG is also concern about environment issue. Therefore they have use eco friendly green technology instate of CFC and HCFC harmful gas.

LG is a popular brand all over the world. They have ample number of showrooms and dealers around the world. Because of hot weather they have more dealer and showrooms in this south Asian side. So you can have this model at your nearest home and kitchen appliances showrooms.

According to the given features price of this LG Refrigerator GR-p209GSYV is standard. Price of this model is TK 195390 (collected at 31-3-2016).

In my point of view, this is an excellent refrigerator model for a large size family. I would like to give this LG Refrigerator GR-p209GSYV model 8 out of ten. If you’re looking for quality appliances you can keep this model at your selection list.

Now it is your responsibility to justify all the above mentioning features and make right decision.

Get this model in this summer and keep the food fresh and healthier for long time.

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