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Konka Microwave Oven K2MGC5ESLR Price and Review
Published: 2015-10-31 Views: 3171

Konka Microwave Oven K2MGC5ESLR Price and Review

Konka Microwave OvenMicrowave oven is a major appliance in our daily kitchen. After introducing this magical appliance cooking has become more convenient and safe. With the help of this appliance you can easily cook our daily dish within short time. Hence you can use our valuable time in other work rather than long day cooking. Modern day’s appliances are known as smart appliance because of having multiple option of use. In the case of oven it is also same. Appliances manufacturing brands are manufacturing product by keeping this in mind. Konka is a familiar brand in the appliances market. They always try to provide better quality within reasonable price. New introducing model of microwave oven is K2MGC5ESLR. In terms of outlook or design it is a food grad material base durable as well as attractive black color oven model within reasonable price. Konka K2MGC5ESLR microwave oven price is TK 114000. In the time of oven selection do not forget to check the capacity of cooking. In this konka brand oven model total cooking capacity is 25 liters. You may consider this model perfect for mid-level family. As i said modern day appliance is known as smart appliance because of multi using option. No difference in that model also. It has the multiple option of cooking along with traditional cooking features. You can make grill as well as conviction cooking. As it does run with the normal voltage of 220V to 240V but it vary with the change of menu. In the left side of the cavity digital LED touch control panel is given. Through that you can set the function of oven. There 10 levels of powers are available from that you can set the level of heating according to the dish. Among the smart features it has speedy defrost system as well as express cooking option. Speedy defrosting option allows you to cook frozen food directly without thawing the ice from the food. This option automatically set the heating temperature according to the weight of the frozen food. Espresso cooking option get ready the cavity quickly for cooking in harry. Beside that it has turn cavity table that provides heat properly to the food in all side. In terms of safety i must say it is a durable model of kitchen appliance. You can also clean this appliance properly. Most important features of this model are user friendly option. As a user you would feel comfortable. After set the cooking time in the timer you may remain tension free regarding cooking. Time will be shoe in the digital display and after that time your food will be ready to server in your dining. No matter where you live Konka K2MGC5ESLR is a popular and demanding model therefore you would get this model in your nearest kitchen and room appliances showroom. In convolution would say it is a nice model to have in the kitchen within reasonable price. Along with black color silver color is also available. So you have the option to choose your favorite color.

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