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KONKA in Bangladesh
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KONKA in Bangladesh

We are living in the age of modern science and technology. Nowadays we are very much dependent on machine or technology. Day by day researcher has been introducing modern technology that has been making our daily life more convenient and enjoyable. We have several types of home and kitchen appliances. Appliances not only help us in our daily work but also provide an attractive outlook to our house and work place. There are various companies in the world are manufacturing modern technology base home and kitchen appliances. Among the all brand KONKA is a popular one. KONKA has been running their business science 1980. It is a chines brand and the founder of this company was Sino-foreign joint-venture. With the main business lines covering multi-media consumer electronics, portable communication products, home appliances, satellite set-top boxes and upstream components, KONKA has made the leading consumer electronic enterprise in China. They are not only consisted within china but also all over the world. In Bangladesh demand of home and kitchen appliances are increasing day bay day. Few years back appliances are considering rich families machinery but now concept has changed all types of family like to have home or kitchen appliances in their house. As a result several branded companies or importer doing huge business in Bangladeshi market. Among the entire importer Electro mart is a popular and largest home and kitchen appliances companies. Electro mart is doing business for last 30 years. Along with importing KONKA branded appliances they have been representing the Big Brands & Products like FORBES Water Purifier & SYMPHONY Air Coolers from India; Honeywell Air Coolers & Electrical Accessories from UAE; McQuay HVAC Systems and White-Westinghouse Refrigerators & Laundry Systems from the USA; DAIKIN HVAC Systems from Japan; PHILIPS Home & Kitchen Appliances from Germany/EU, SAMSUNG HVAC Systems from Korea, KHIND Appliances from Malaysia and MIDEA Home Appliances & Air Conditioners from China. Available appliances of KONKA brand are described in below. Television Television is consider the best and largest entertaining medium of the world. Several companies have been manufacturing latest technology base television. KONKA is not behind from others. They have LED model TV. Available models of KNOKA brand are KL19GT611, KL22GT611, and KL32GT611. Refrigerators and Freezers Weather of Bangladesh is very much known for it hot and humidity. As a result it is very tough to store food for long time. Because of the fresh foodstoring capacity refrigerator and freezer is very popular all over the world. KONKA has wonderful model of refrigerator and freezers. Among them popular model are 1KDF00X, 1KDF50X and 2KDF00x etc. Home appliances Beside kitchen appliances KONKA has wonderful home appliances. It includes fan, air conditioner iron machine and others home appliances. One of the important of this global brand is it quality of the product and service. You can have standard quality product within your budget. Product of this bran is available in all part of Bangladesh. So you can easily get your required home and kitchen appliances in your nerviest showroom.

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