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Jamuna TV at Unbelievable Price
Published: 2020-03-25 Views: 1162

Jamuna TV at Unbelievable Price

Jamuna is our domestic electronics home appliance brand. Jamuna electronics has been able to fulfill our demand with last technology. Frizzes, AC, TV of Jamuna group are achieving customer demand by their good product service.
Jamuna TV brought to you an incredible price discount offer. They are giving discount on 6 TV models of HD, Smart, 4K Smart category. You must be think that why you will choose Jamuna TV? For this questions answer they given their characteristics of TV-
  • Netflix- by using this App you can enjoy any English movie.
  • 8 ms response time- net response is very first within 8 ms that is less than 1 sec.
  • Android 9- Smart TV is able to support Android 9.
  • You can use You Tube.
  • Forth generation micro processor is used in TV.
  • Google play store is also included.
  • 4 years panel warranty.
Discount price-


 20" Full HD

24" Full HD

32" Full HD

32" Smart

43" Smart

55" 4K Smart

Previous price-

13,248 Tk

15,732 Tk

19,458 Tk

25,668 Tk

51,750 Tk

98,000 Tk

Discount price-

9,800 Tk

12,800 Tk


22,800 Tk

38,800 Tk


Special facilities for customer-
  • 90 days for regular price- If you are not able to pay full payment at a time, then no problem. You can pay your due payment without any interest in 90 days or 3 months.
  • 3-12 months easy installment- If you need more time then from 4th month to 12 month time will given to you within easy installment to pay your due value.
  • Bank EMI in 0% interest are also provided.
So that, to buy a TV your wish and excitement is enough. To know more in details contact any best electronics shoe-room or call- 09613333666.

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