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Jamuna Super Saver AC offer
2020-09-09 Views: 157

Jamuna Super Saver AC offer

Our indigenous home appliance brand Jamuna electronics gives us unbelievable price discount on Perfect BTU performed smart models of Jamuna AC. Jamuna is a coolest AC in small budget!

Special features of this AC is

  • Jamuna AC has Tri-State Defender Technology.
  • M 2.5 Filter of Jamuna AC purify nano particle of air dust.
  • Cold plasma technology & Air-ionization of Jamuna AC refresh your mind and keep your room infects free.
  • Special 3 in 1 filter of Jamuna AC is Vitamin C filter, Silver ion filter and degerming filter keeps natural moisture of your skin. At a same time protect harmful bacteria and reducing odor of room. All of this arrangement ensures 99% pure air.
  • Jamuna AC is energy saving consume 24 Taka per day.
  • In this super saver offer buy an AC minimum at 33,000 Taka.  

Some price are given below for your acknowledgement-

Capacity of AC

Regular price

Discount price

1 ton

39,000 Taka

33,000 Taka

1.5 ton

52,000 Taka

45,000 Taka

2 ton

58,800 Taka

52,920 Taka

You can enjoy free home delivery by online parches. This offer is for limited time. To know more visit- www.estorejamuna.com

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