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Haier HSU ABEKFB Vs LG HSU-C1865SAO Air Conditioner
Published: 2016-03-04 Views: 1507

Haier HSU ABEKFB Vs LG HSU-C1865SAO Air Conditioner

LG Air ConditionerAmong the multiple Brands and several Models it may create problem for you to choice right one. Therefore we (Family needs.net) have been providing the differences between renowned brands with reviews.

In order to grape the summer market national as well as international appliances manufacturing companies have been introducing latest technology base user-friendly air conditioner within affordable price. If you do not have proper knowledge then it will be difficult for you to make right choice.

In this Article we have select we renowned brand in the appliances world LG and Haire. In order to indentify the differences between the two models we have considered following points.

Outlook and Dimension

Both the brands are similar in terms of outlook. They believe in simplicity therefore both the models are white color and made of durable plastics materials. In the case of dimension

Dimension of Haier Air conditioner HSU ABEKF/B (W X H X D) is (1016 X 360 X 304) as well as net weight is 13 kg. According to the size and weight, this model can be easily set at any dimension room quite comfortably.

LG HSU-C1865SAO Air Conditioner body is made of durable plastics materials. Outdoor units dimension (W x H x D) is (870 x 655 x 320) mm and indoor units (W x H x D) are (1090 x 300 x 200) mm. According to the both parts you can easily set this model at your medium size room quite at ease. Moreover weight of both the parts is also light so you can easily move this model during the time of install.

Cooling Features

It makes the difference between the air conditioner of several brands. Cooling capacity as well as efficient cooling ability does matter in terms of air conditioner selection. It depends on the internal mechanism of an air conditioner.

Haier Air conditioner HSU ABEKF/B is 1.5 ton or 18000 BTU. According to the weather of South Asia this model can cool the area of 200 SFT quite comfortably. It has first air cooling system; it only takes 3 minutes to make your room cool at the time of hot and humid summer.

On the other hand, LG Air Conditioner HSU-C1865SAO is a 1.5 ton or 18000 BTU or in SI format W 4536(5275) cooling capacity model. Moreover it has rotary type compressor that can flow Air Circulation of (In/Out) 495/1519 CFM or cubic flow meters. According to the features and the weather condition of south Asia this model is good enough to keep 200 SFT room cool at the time of hot and humid summer.

Smart Features

As a modern day’s air conditioner both the companies have been providing modern technology base latest user-friendly features that would give you more comfort then before. Compare to the latest features LG has been providing more than Haier.

Haier has Auto Restart, Child Lock, Super quiet mode, Timer setting and Auto Mode all these features are now available at any modern air conditioner.

LG Air Conditioner HSU-C1865SAO air conditioner has Remote Control, Jet Cooling, Timer, Speed Setting, Dual Protection Filter, 10M Wind blast, Auto Restart, Sleep mode, Auto Cleaning, Gold Fin.

Definitely LG has been providing more modern features then Haier model. That makes the user more relax and comfortable.

Electrical Features    

Both the model can be run with the normal voltage of 220V to 240V and normal frequency of 50 Hz. In terms of watts it has different measure.

In the case of Haier Air conditioner HSU ABEKF/B its input power consumption rate is 960 Watts.

As well as in the case of LG Air Conditioner HSU-C1264SAO its input power consumption rate is 1700Watts.

Because of having extra features LG has been consuming more electricity than Haire.

Availability and Price

As a chines brand Haire has huge impact in the appliances market after fulfilling their local demand they have been exporting their model across the world. Price of this Haier Air conditioner HSU ABEKF/B air conditioner is TK 62900 (collected at 22-2-2016).

On the other hand LG is a world renowned brand and have demand at highest level to middle class family. Price of LG Air Conditioner HSU-C1264SAO this model is TK 69850 (collected at 28-2-2016).

I hope all the above mentioning information will help you to make right decision in the time of selection.

Now it is your responsibility to justify and make right decision. Get this model at this summer and feel the cool during hot summer.


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