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Haier Air Conditioner HSU ABEKF/B Price and Review
Published: 2016-02-26 Views: 1871

Haier Air Conditioner HSU ABEKF/B Price and Review

Haier Air conditioner HSU ABEKF/BIn this summer Haier has launched new Air conditioner HSU ABEKF/B model of 1.5 ton. User friendly features with compact body materials have made this model attractive to the user.


This is a cool & heat features base air conditioner model. Along with modern time setting features as well as automated cooling adjustment features it has options to return to previous operation conditions after a sudden power Blair conditioner out.


Nothing special to mention about but as a room appliance outlook of this model could have been better.


You can get this model within reasonable price. It has enough capability to keep cool your room during the time of hot summer.

Dimensions and Outlook

Split Air conditioner is generally consist of two unites indoor and outdoor. Though dimension does not matter in terms of outdoor unit but in the case of indoor unit it is a matter of concern. Dimension of Haier Air conditioner HSU ABEKF/B (W X H X D) is (1016 X 360 X 304) as well as net weight is 13 kg. According to the size and weight, this model can be easily set at any dimension room quite comfortably.

Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity of Haier Air conditioner HSU ABEKF/B is 1.5 ton or 18000 BTU. According to the weather of South Asia this model can cool the area of 200 SFT quite comfortably. It has first air cooling system; it only takes 3 minutes to make your room cool at the time of hot and humid summer.

Smart Features

Smart and user friendly features have made this model of air conditioner attractive to the user. It includes following features.

Auto Restart: The function permits automatic return to previous operation conditions after a sudden power supply cut.

Child Lock: It prevents from making silly mistakes due to operating function with remote.

Super quiet mode: to get low noise need to press “power/soft" button twice.

Timer setting: This modern smart feature allows you to set on as well as off time. After reaching that time air conditioner will get start or off automatically rather you remain in the room or not.

Auto Mood: As it is a heating and cooling air conditioner, therefore after a heating and cooling measure is like temperature 26(under cooling) or 23(under heating) and most importantly it has the ability to coup up the temperature with the change of weather.

Electrical Features

You can run this model with the normal power supply of 220V to 230V and its input power consumption rate is 960 Watts. So you can remain tension free regarding extra electricity bill.

Haier is a popular home appliances china brand. After fullfling the demand of domestic market they have been exporting their product all over the Asia. As a result this brand is available. You can have this model at your nearest home and kitchen appliances showrooms within reasonable price.

Price of Haier Air conditioner HSU ABEKF/B is TK 62900 (collected at 22-2-2016).

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