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Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL price and review
Published: 2021-04-01 Views: 125

Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL price and review

An air cooler can gives you the cool air flow all over the room during horrible summer. Air cooler is such kind of home appliance that only useful in summer. It will feel up your room with chill air. It is not AC but service like fan cum AC. Limitations is you cannot control its temperature. Low or high temperature options none. To use this appliance you need extra water and ice for more cool effect. So that, price of this appliance is more reasonable then AC.  
Various brands brought several types of home appliance brands. Gree is a familiar name for AC. Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL is a model of air cooler.
Structure- Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL is a portable model of air cooler. This is a black colors model top flow design. Its shape is L*W*H- 390*350*880 mm. it is a remote controlled model. LED indicator is at bottom. For adjustable leg it can stand on surface strongly. Louver diameter is 202 mm.
General features- Net weight of Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL is 13.3 kg. Its evaporation capacity is 2000 ml/hour. Heating function is PTC type. Water capacity of Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL is 20 litters. Also has an ice try. When you need some more chill air then add some ice on ice try. For all over air flow louver function is movement 120° right-left and 20° angle up and down. 120° angle right-left movement is automatically runs after it on but you need to give order for up-down movement. Air filter parts of the cooler are removable for cleaning. Water leaking protection system is included. When it leakage then gives signal and shut down.    
Control function- Three type of air flow supply is available in 120° Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL. Normal, natural and sleep these three modes. When it turns off then outlets will be automatically shut down. User can control it by set timer during absence or sleeping time. You can set timer at the 8 hours time distance. Loading capacity of Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL 20’GP set 126, 40’GP set 260, 40’HQ set 323.  
Price and show-room- Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL is available to your nearest well known home appliance show room or Gree show-room. Price of  Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL  is 14,500.00 Taka.

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