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General ASG-18 AET Air Conditioner Price and Review
Published: 2016-03-13 Views: 2603

General ASG-18 AET Air Conditioner Price and Review

General ASG-18 AET Air Conditioner General air conditioner is the most popular air conditioners manufactures worldwide. They are one of few manufacturers who are offering only premium range of air conditioners in the market. They are very trust worthy brand for air conditioner. Few months ago they launched a nice split air conditioner, General ASG-18 AET. This air conditioner is 1.5 ton or 18,000 Btu/h. It has Hyper Tropical compressor. Lets discuss about this attractive General ASG-18 AET air conditioner.

Pros: Some useful features, Powerful air flow and do not make noise.  

Cons: No inverter technology.  

Design and Build quality: General is a worldwide popular brand for air conditioner so its design and build quality is also world class without any doubt. If you see build quality of these air conditioners, they are really good quality with proper design and you will not find any problem anywhere that may let you down. This air conditioner looks awesome from every angle. From side it looks D shape which is very attractive. General always apply nice and modern style with their new product. Outdoor unit has also nice and modern looks. During writing this review we were also impressed by its remote-control which is compact and easy to hold in one hand. Dimensions of its indoor unit are 320 mm height, 998 mm width, 238 mm depth. Net weight is 14 KG. Dimensions of its outdoor unit are 650 mm height, 830 mm width, 320 mm depth. Net weight is 51 KG.

Power consumption: Power consumption of this air conditioner is low compare to normal air conditioner because this air conditioner has BEE 5 star rating. 5 stars is maximum star rating for low power consumption. More stars mean more power consumption. 5 stars is more energy efficient than 4 star rating appliance. We tested its power consumption during writing this review. For 1st hour total power consumption was 1.4 units but for second hour total power consumption was 1.2 units. So you can say that longer you run, higher you save. Power consumption is very important factor for consideration. For a normal family most of the power is drowning by air conditioner. Another technology is inverter technology which is the most power efficient technology among all type of power savings technology.

Some Useful Features: There are a lot of useful features are available with this General air conditioner. Some features are really very useful and some are less useful but overall more features means you have more options to do experiment with your air conditioner. Some features descriptions are given bellow.

Up / down swing flaps: Most of the air conditioner only can flow air vertically but this air conditioner can flow air both vertically and horizontally.

Powerful mode: Powerful mode is very useful when you need to cool down your room within a short period of time.

Dry Function: During rainy season dry function is very useful because this function can dry out your room by removing moisture from air.

Economy Mode: By Economy mode you can lower the electricity consumption of air conditioner.

5 Speed Control: This General air conditioner has 5 steps air control which is very continent for most of the users.

Sleep Timer: Sleep timer is very useful feature for any type of air conditioner. Sleep timer is not only set timer but also lower the operation power for save more electricity consumption. During sleep mode you will enjoy quieterenvironment.

Quiet Operation: By this mode you can enjoy less noise.

15m Air Flow: 15m air flow is a very useful feature. Air will reach long 15 meter without any issue.

Blue Fin Condenser: ItsHydrophilic coated heat exchanger ensures rust resistance for longer life.

Hyper Tropical rotary Compressor: There are two type of compressor available for air conditioner and Tropical is the most powerful among them.

Verdict: Main impression of this air conditioner is low power consumption and robust performance. Its current price of this air conditioner is TK 91,000. Actually this is a very good air conditioner without any doubt but within this price range you will get inverter technology air conditioner so before buying it go to market and compare this air conditioner with some other air conditioner, especially inverter technology. During our test we were very impressed by its design and well constriction. If design and some interesting features are you main concern then you should definitely buy this nice air conditioner. We highly recommend this air conditioner to anyone who is willing to spend TK 91,000 for a 1.5 ton air conditioner and want some very useful features. Thank you for reading our short review.         

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