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Diffrence between Jamuna JE 220 DEEP and LG ZR-26FAR freezer
Published: 2016-08-30 Views: 3386

Diffrence between Jamuna JE 220 DEEP and LG ZR-26FAR freezer

Letest tehnology no longer remain for a one particuler group of people or area. Nowadays, domestic manufacturing appliances brand have been introducing latestv technology in their product and competting againest renowned international brand.

LG, one of the popular and fast row brand of home and kitchen applinces, have launched new LG ZR-26FAR freezer model of deep freezer with modern technology. One the othr hand Jamuna, promssing brand of Bangladesh, has introduced new Jamuna JE 220 DEEP.

Both the models have been ofering extra bit of features within reasonable price as well as same amount of storage capacity.

Lets have a look some of the diffrence of this two update chest freezer LG and Jamuna model. This discussion will be helpful for the general visitors to make right decision in the case of appliances selection.

First Look

First considering matter of an apppliances selection is its outlook. In this case both the brand are very much allert and they have made attrective design base model of chest or deep freezer.

In the case of LG ZR-26FAR freezer, This is an elegant white color box shape model of chest freezer. Unlike double door it has single gasket durable door with lock system to give your food extra bit of security. Moreover its insulate door keep the cool inside of the cavity. At the bottom of the structure a control panel has been given to adjust the cooling features of the refrigerator. Total body is made of durable plastic material and its dimension (W x D x H) is (764 x 600 x 840). This is a standard measure of a chest freezer. Its flexible body structure allows you to keep this model at your kitchen or dining easily.

On the other hand, This Jamuna JE 220 DEEP is a white and deep blue color model of single lock system door 220 liters storage capacity base chest freezer model with durable body features. Compressor is installed at the behind of the back site as well as has regulator at the front of the design to manipulate the temperature of the cavity according to the requirement. Moreover, this ample species chest freezer has wire rack inside of the cavity to store special food such as ice cream or other fast food. As well know chest freezer require more space than ordinary refrigerator and its dimension Length*Width * Height / Depth is 95.4*59.5*78.2 (cm). You can set this model at your dining or kitchen quite comfortably.

Storage capacity
In terms of storage capcity both the model are offering almost same amount of space. At a glance you may not found any deffriences. Some of the basic idea about storage capacity are given below.

In the case of LG Freezer ZR-26FAR is a 256 liters storage capacity chest freezer model. It has 2 wire baskets that allow storing the food categorically. Its deepness allows making full use of the cavity properly. Unlike upright refrigerator you have to work hard to organize the food as well as remove the food. Defrosting system is also manual system.

On the other hand, Ample space of 220 liters is considering standard size for a family of 5 to 6 members. You could easily store one or two week’s food at this model. This is a non frost model and it is one of the biggest advantages of this Jamuna JE 220 DEEP freezer. No matter how deep you keep you food, it would be easily remove from the cavity. You gat clear view of the cavity LED light has been given. So, I think it is a nice model of freezer.

Cooling features
Most crutial part of an refrigerator is its cooling features. When it is about a freezer then its become more impotant.

In the case of this LG Freezer ZR-26FAR has used Stabilizer Free Compressor‎(‎135v‎‐290v‎)‎. That can stay long as well as can provide 110 hrs Freeze without power supply. All around it is a quality chest freezer model that has good enough ability to keep your food fresh with vitamin and flavor for longer time.

One the other hand, Latest R600a refrigerant technology has been used as well as its Climate class Temperature -18.0°c is good enough to keep you food fresh in the time of hot and humid summer. Most importantly it is a non frost cooling technology base freezer model that hold the cooling for long time as well as you can easily remove the food from the cavity.

Futurestic features
Both the model have modern technology base option to keep the food ase during the time of hot and humid summer. Some of the futurestic features are given below.

In the case of LG freezer, it has foolowing latest technology base features.

Jet cooling: This cooling features is alos known as fast cooling option. It helps to keep the food fresher with real aroma and test.

Energy efficency: though it doest not have inverter technology but its modern cooling technology is known as energy efficient. So you can reamin tension free at the end of the month regarding electricity bill.

Nano technology: this features is worked as a anity virous system in the compartment that work to protect the food from being rotten and keep the cavity mould free with refrising environment in the cavity.

On the other hand, jamuna has been offerinmg following futuristic features.

Fastest cooling: Ultra modern cooling feature have this model out of ordinary and can generate maximum cooling to keep the food fresh for longer time.

Energy efficient: This model is also known for its energy efficiency. Its can generate maximum cooling within short time and can hold the cool for long time usually as well as in the time of no power supply.

Low noise: it does not generate irritating noise in the time of running. Therefore this model is also known as an environment friendly appliance.

Electile features
As a daily home appliance you can eaily run those model with the normal voltage of 220V to 230V with the frequincy of 50 Hz. As well as bothe this model do not consume more then .83 kw per day. So this two of freezer model is really out of ordinary. As well as cost efficent. That would keep you budjet within your reach.

Price and Availibility
In the case of price and availability both the model are reachible. In the case of jamuna. This is a limited edition freezer model but now available in the jamuna home and kitchen appliances showrooms within affordable price. Price of this Jamuna Freezer JE 220 DEEP is TK 24300 (collected at 17-8-2016).

On the other hand, If you want to have quality appliance then you have to pay for it. In that case LG is remarkable. Price of this LG Freezer ZR-26FAR is TK 42900 (collected at 16-8-2016). You can easily find this model at your nearest LG home and kitchen appliances showrooms comfortably.

We hope our above discussion will help you to get right decission at the end of the day. According to me both the model of chest freezer has futuristic features with attrective outlook to keep your food fresh and healty in the summer seasion.

We familyneens.net always here to support you. Be stay with us and we belive our reviews news as well publishing product details and specification will make comfortable to get right prodct as well as right decision.

Get this model in this summer and enjoy the blessing of modern science.



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