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Daily 35 lakh Taka,Walton
2020-03-12 Views: 366

Daily 35 lakh Taka,Walton

Recently Walton has been start Digital campaign 2020, Season 6. You can be winner of 35 lakhs taka every day. Buy TV, freeze or AC anyone appliance and win 5 lakhs taka cash voucher. Let’s have a look some of the conditions of this offer at a glance-
  • Highest 5 lakhs Taka on cash voucher.
  • After purchasing freeze, TV and AC you have to register your number through sms.
  • Total lottery procedure will be manage by computerize system.
  • Authority has the power to change the campaign anytime.
  • One mobile number can be registered for 4 products.
Characteristics of Walton TV-
Lighting resistance-  able to protect till 15000 voltage shock.
Advanced backlight Deigned- effective to consume 35% less electricity. 
KSR coated LED bar- increasing color volume from 5 to 7 percent with brightness.
Sound Technology- Walton TV speaker is design with crosstalk Technology and electro aquatics system that keeps the real bit and rhythm to enjoy your time.
4 years TV panel guarantee.
Extra ordinary colorful- Gives you refreshing and live picturing experience.
3 D combo filter: this will make sure about quality fresh picture.
HDMI"14: This is capable of supporting more than hundreds TV channel.
High- contrast: due to have this features picture quality and color will be more elegant.
Wide view angle: no matter where are you setting at your room. You would get easily clear view of your TV.

Walton got fame as “domestic product” in Bangladesh. Walton established their show-room each and every big city and town. Walton products are also available in any renowned home appliance show-room. You can buy Walton TV from any Walton-show room or best electronics show room. eplaza.waltonbd.com for online purchase. For any information, log in - waltonbd.com or call at16267.
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