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Be careful when using AC
Published: 2020-09-08 Views: 430

Be careful when using AC

Along with luxury Ac can be a reason of major accident. In order to get relief from heat, it is necessary to be aware of the use of AC as well as maintenance and usage rules. In the time of buying any air condition should ensure the build quality, brand and capacity. Some of our small mistakes have caused big fatal accidents. There are several reasons are responsible such as our unawareness, lack of proper maintenance and use of low quality AC. A little awareness can keep us away from danger.

Some reasons of AC accidents are given below-

  • Old and low qualities AC use.
  • Use small AC according room area.
  • Dirt makes jam inside the compressor.
  • Gas leak from AC and spread into room or inside AC.
  • Longer run of AC, increase the pressure of AC and temperature become high.
  • Loos wire or circuit can create short circuit.
  • Electric high voltage makes pressure on appliance.
  • Long time no servicing.
  • During thunder or heavy rain running AC is risky; if earthling is not good then it became reason of accident.

Some regular practice can keep us safe. To avoid ACaccident need to watch on this-

  • Keep proper maintenance by expert service man.
  • Buy AC according room area.
  • Buy branded AC.
  • Give a break to use AC. Not run it for ling time continuous.
  • Check circuit, socket, and filterregularly.
  • Use circuit breaker to avoid high voltage.
  • Don’t use AC more than 8 hours continually.
  • Set up outdoor part in an open space. Never conflict it with another line.

To live in safe we need to be careful. Proper use and awareness make us safe and avoid live lost accident.

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