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Walton Refrigerator WNM-1N5-RXXX-RP Price and Review
Published: 2021-06-21 Views: 359

Walton Refrigerator WNM-1N5-RXXX-RP Price and Review

For reasonable price and better service Walton refrigerator is top of the list.Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPis a non-frost refrigerator model. It is a regular model of refrigerator with frizzier and refrigerator combination.

Features-Capacity of Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPis 167 litters. Its climate type is N~T. RSCR compressor is used in this model. Temperature maintains system is mechanical. Automatic defrost system. So that, it is resist to creates ice layer inside the frizzier wall. Let’sout the extra water element. Condenser of Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPis 100% copper, that’s make cool first and for longer. Thermostat of this model is RoHS certified.

Special features-To protect your refrigerator you should use voltage stabilizer. For Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPnot need to use extra voltage stabilizer. Elegant door provides a contemporary look. Ion anti-bacteria keep your refrigerator germ-free. Door panel and door liner foam is together. Power cooler, dynamic flows are for consistent air supply.Sound level of Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPis optimum noise.There is no harmful element used in this refrigerator. Green technology has been used in this model.It’s key and lock system is optional.

Company support-After taking home Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPif you need any help the company will must provide you support under some condition. If customer use Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPat home then Walton served replacement guaranty for compressor, chamber and condenser within one year. 4 years spare parts warranty. 5 years after parches service from Walton for any kind of problem. If this Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPis used for commercial then service will be different little bit. 4 years compressor warranty. Spear parts warranty for 2 years.2 years after parches service from Walton for any kind of problem.

Price and show-room- Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPis available at any Walton home appliance show-room all over the country. Price of Walton WNM-1N5-RXXX-RPis 25,900 Taka.

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