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Walton mega exchange offer
2019-10-01 Views: 1323

Walton mega exchange offer

Walton mega exchange offer…you can exchange your any model and brands old TV with brand new Walton TV. After buy TV confirm a digital registration, would be get a new frizz by luck! There have some conditions. Given below-
  • Two particular models are selected for this mega exchange offer.
  • For exchange you will receive smart discount from regular price of these model.
  • 813 mm Walton model: W32Q20 will be 13,600 Taka.
  • 610 mm Walton model: W24D19 will be 9,900 Taka.
  • After buy Walton TV you have to take part for lottery by digital registration.
  • This campaign is fully operated by computer.
  • Authority can change this campaign anytime.
  • If you confirm your registration after purchase TV then you will be eligible for frizz winning lottery.
New Walton TV providing us not only Wide view angle, High Contrast but also any technological advantage that deserved a smart flat TV. Also has 4 years panel guaranty.
Walton got fame as “domestic product” in Bangladesh. Because of their good service and product value customer demand of Walton increasing day by day. Walton established their show-room each and every big city and town. Walton products are also available in any renowned home appliance show-room. You can buy Walton refrigerator from any Walton-show room and Walton approved home appliance show room. Online shopping is also acceptable. eplaza.waltonbd.com for online purchase. For any information or help please call-16267 or log in - waltonbd.com.
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