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SINGER Electric KettleSREK-KEC1799A-PL price and review
2020-12-29 Views: 89

SINGER Electric KettleSREK-KEC1799A-PL price and review

Anytime hot water demand can be fill by electric kettle. It can set up at your room, kitchen or wash room and make water hot within very few minutes.SINGER Electric KettleSREK-KEC1799A-PLis a model of SINGER brand. Features and structure of this model are given below-
Structure and capacity-SINGER Electric KettleSREK-KEC1799A-PLis full black color bold type model. Black drag type stipe is over the body make a professional decorative look instead of plain surface. A transparent scale window gives idea about the amount of water and movement of hot water.
Special features-As usual model of electric kettle is made by stainless steel available in market. This steel body sometime hurts users because of hot steel body. SINGER Electric KettleSREK-KEC1799A-PLbody is fully plastic coated so, that why it is cool and riskless after boiling water. Main stainless structure is covered by plastic body. It has a lid that can open or close tightly by push button. A push switch is included on kettle handle that is used for on/off of kettle. After connect the kettle with electric power use this switch to active the kettle.
Features-SINGER Electric KettleSREK-KEC1799A-PLhas an indicator light, which gives signal about the activeness of the kettle.When the water turns boiling, automatically kettle become turns off. This kettle is able to slip free stand on any smooth surface. Because, it has a griper feet for anywhere stand. For power connection a VDE plug used in this model.
Price and market-SINGER Electric KettleSREK-KEC1799A-PLis available at your nearest SINGER show room. Price if this model is- 1390.00 Taka.
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