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Konka 65”4K Smart TV at More Affordable prices
2020-11-04 Views: 67

Konka 65”4K Smart TV at More Affordable prices

Now you can get Konka 65”4K Smart LED TV with Home Theater Quality Dolby Digital Sound System at a Cash Discount, More Affordable Price! Also type EMLKS2020 and get instant 10% discount! There is also a discount offer. Before that, let us knew the details of special features and offers of TV-

  • TFT resolution and X-ray ray free full display.
  • This is a smart TV.

Details of the offer are given below-

EMI facility at 0% interest: You will get installment facility at 0% interest for a maximum of 24 months. This offer will last as long as we have stock. Contact your nearest Konka  Electronics  showrooms  to  buy a smart TV at a discounted price.

Online Order: Click to buy online: http://electromart.com.bd/ you can also call to buy the TV of your choice. Hotline number is 16649 or 0967 333666.

Note that the current price is Rs. 81,000 with 10% discount.

So before the end of the offer, contact your nearest Konka Electronics showroom.




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