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বাটার ফ্লাই Autumn স্পেশাল অফার
2020-08-29 Views: 234

বাটার ফ্লাই Autumn স্পেশাল অফার

At the beginning of autumn Butter fly brought to you Autumn special offer. Buy TV, frizzier, washing machine, AC of butter fly (Butterfly, LG, Eco+) group and enjoy this offer. You can buy by cash or installment both ways. Buy your demanding appliance according your choice and comfort. Offer details are here-

  • If you buy in installment then will get 2% cash back.
  • After buy in installment pay your due amount in time to time all major banks are included for 36 month EMI facility.
  • In cash purchases has up to 5% cash back.
  • Also has Butterfly safety insurance for post purchases take care or service.
  • Has opportunity to get up to 14% discount.

This offer is for limited time. Buy TV, frizzier, washing machine, AC of Butter group that mean Butterfly, LG, Eco+ product from Butterfly show-room is under Autumn offer. If you want to avoid people gathering then buy from Butterfly online shop and also enjoy same offer and discount.

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