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সিঙ্গার সিলিং ফ্যান সুপ্রিম-ডিলাক্স
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সিঙ্গার সিলিং ফ্যান সুপ্রিম-ডিলাক্স

Summer is up coming. Selling fan is one of the top listed useful home appliances at our country during summer. From middle class to poverty line all are use selling fan at a same range. Whose are habituated to using AC those is also use selling fan often.
SINGER Celling Fan Supreme-Deluxe is a durable model of celling fan for longer and random usable. It is an appliance of SINGER group. Celling fans are controlled by regulator and some features are indicates the service value of the fan. Special features of SINGER Celling Fan Supreme-Deluxe are given below.
Structure- SINGER Celling Fan Supreme-Deluxe is white colors and three blades fan. Golden color decorative arch are pasted on fan. It is elegant to look at.
Shape and weight- Size of celling fan is 56" or 1400 mm. Three blades are included and net weight is 5.4 kg. Blades are made by aluminum with steel holder. Body is made by aluminum alloy die-cast.  
Electric features- SINGER Celling Fan Supreme-Deluxe consume 350-400 electric power. Efficiency of this fan is 75 watt. Power factor is 0.98. 2.5 micro farad capacitor is used in this fan. This capacitor is runs in AC supply and 350 volt power. Electronic superior type regulator has been used in this model. Insulation quality of SINGER Celling Fan Supreme-Deluxe is class- E.  
Efficiency- SINGER Celling Fan Supreme-Deluxe is made in Italy and speed is 325 rpm. Air delivery rate of this fan is 275 m³ in per minute. Service value of this model is 3.667 m³/minute/watt. So that, it can flow 3.667 m³ air by one watt per minute.    
Price and show-room- SINGER Celling Fan Supreme-Deluxe is available to your nearest SINGER show-room and price of this model is 2900.00 Taka.

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