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  • Miyako Electric FlaskPCF-50 HM price and Review
    Electric flask is usable at winter season. Water, tea, coffee or milk is storable in this flask. Electric flask is mainly used for keeps water or liquid food. Any types of liquid item is keeps its temperature in this flask till 12 hours. After 12 hours you can re heat it into flask if it co... English Bangla
  • Miyako Room Air Cooler KFC 950
    Miyako Room Air Cooler KFC 950 Miyako Room Air Cooler KFC 950 is room air cooler with smart features. This modern technology base model of air cooler is decorated with futuristic features that can be easily operated by any level user. This is a tower shape ordinary model ... English
  • Miyako Electric Room Heater PTC-SUN-02 price and reviews
    Miyako Electric Room Heater PTC-SUN-02One of the useful appliances during winter season is room heater. It has the ability to make your room temperature suitable to live in chilly winter. Alongside making the place comfortable to live room hear also provide an ele... English
  • Miyako Room Heater Tower price reviews
    Miyako Room Heater Tower During the season of winter along with pleasant weather to enjoy cold make the time hard to pass specially for the senior citizen and children. To make the room warm room heater could be an effective appliance. Room heater has power to make your room te... English
  • Miyako Electric Room Heater PTCTOW1L price and reviews
    Miyako Electric Room Heater PTCTOW1L Unlike regular designing model of room heater Miyako Electric Room Heater PTCTOW1L is a tower shape model with digital display to show the heating features. This model only consume very little place to keep at the bed side or off... English