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Marcel News
  • Marcel “Exchange Offer”
    Marcel electronics brought to you “Easy Exchange” offer only for TV. You can change your any type; any branded old TV with new TV. Change any running/obsolete TV with new model Marcel LED/Smart TV. Some special features of Marcel TV- 3D combo-filter- Gives the pleasure to enjoy clear picture quality. HDMI”14- Shows you high definition picture. More live and more attractive t... English Bangla
  • Marcel is giving World cup double offer
    World cup brought a double offer by Marcel. One of the well-known electrical home appliance brands in Bangladesh. Marcel presenting some smart looks and new features included refrigerators. This model will fulfill your family demand with very cordially. These refrig... English Bangla
  • Marcel attractive summer offer
    ‘When it is 40°C-45°C then AC become compulsory. But, need and ability is not equal at the same time. So, AC is a luxury for limited earn beings.’- Now this story is old. Human are oncoming very fast with time. They are leading their life with balance of desire and ability. Now, companies are providing different type of offer to get your desire in your tamed. Marcel Bangladesh ... English Bangla
Marcel Reviews
  • Marcel Air Cooler MEA-B168 M Price and Reviews
    You can use Air Cooler to get relief at affordable price on hot days. The main difference between AC and air cooler is that AC is able to create both hot and cold weather according to your needs and weather. But air coolers can only provide one type of cold air. Even so, owning one is still... English Bangla
  • Marcel Microwave Oven MMWO-M23SCD Price and Reviews
    For a few years ago oven was a product only of foreign brand. Domestic brands are provides too but trust was limp. Now days our domestics brands become more advance. These models are earning the customer faith by price and quality. Marcel Microwave Oven MMWO-M23SCD is a model of Marcel gro... English Bangla
  • Marcel Direct Cool Refrigerator MFA-A9C-ELEX-XX price and Reviews
    Marcel direct cool refrigeratorMFA-A9C-ELEX-XX is a single door refrigerator models.It is a refrigerator and frizzier combination models with one door. This refrigerator is comfortable to regular use for 2/3 person.   Structure- Length*width*Height of Marcel is a direc... English Bangla
  • Marcel Room Heater MRH-PTC202 price and reviews
    Marcel Room Heater MRH-PTC202 price and reviewsMarcel Room Heater MRH-PTC202 is a tower shape model of room heater with futuristic features. This nice glossy out looking model will not only increase the beauty of your place but also increase the beauty of your place. This ... English
  • Marcel Room Heater MRH-PTC003 price and reviews
    Marcel Room Heater MRH-PTC003 Marcel is one of the popular brands in recent time due to have easy operating features and attractive outlook of the appliance. During this chilly winter they have introduced new model of room heater. Marcel Room Heater MRH-PTC00... English