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Konka News
  • KONKA chest freezer offer
    Eid-ul-Azha is coming up. Every year before of Eid-ul-Azha customer demand of frizzier is increasing. Special demand is chest frizzier. Considering demand of this demand Electro Mart brought to you some attractive collection of KONKA chest frizzier models. Amount of... English Bangla
  • KONKA in Bangladesh
    We are living in the age of modern science and technology. Nowadays we are very much dependent on machine or technology. Day by day researcher has been introducing modern technology that has been making our daily life more convenient and enjoyable. We have several types of home and kitchen appliances. Appliances not o... English
Konka Reviews
  • Konka Microwave Oven K2MGC5ESLR Price and Review
    Konka Microwave OvenMicrowave oven is a major appliance in our daily kitchen. After introducing this magical appliance cooking has become more convenient and safe. With the help of this appliance you can easily cook our daily dish within short time. Hence you can use our valuable t... English
  • Konka Freezer 3KDF50X Review
    Demand of home appliances is increasing day by day. Starting to our bed room to kitchen room we cannot think our daily life without using home or kitchen appliances. One of the necessary and popular kitchen appliances all over the world is freezer or deep freezer. Freezer is popular for storing food for l... English
  • Konka Freezer 1KDF00X Review
    Konka FreezerWe all like to eat fresh food everyday but it in the age of competition where people remain so busy it could not possible for all to collect fresh food daily. By the blessing of modern science and technology we can store our daily food almost fresh for long time at a magical appliance known as f... English