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Jamuna News
  • Jamuna Electronics Offer
    Our country has been cross the old time that says no need of refrigerators. Need of refrigerator is now village to city all over the country. Our domestic home appliance brands are step up foots with the demand of our country people. Jamuna electronics is one of th... English Bangla
  • Jamuna Super Saver AC offer
    Our indigenous home appliance brand Jamuna electronics gives us unbelievable price discount on Perfect BTU performed smart models of Jamuna AC. Jamuna is a coolest AC in small budget! Special features of this AC is Jamuna AC has Tri-Sta... English Bangla
  • Jamuna TV at Unbelievable Price
    Jamuna is our domestic electronics home appliance brand. Jamuna electronics has been able to fulfill our demand with last technology. Frizzes, AC, TV of Jamuna group are achieving customer demand by their good product service. Jamuna TV brought to you an incredible... English Bangla
  • Jamuna AC at Easy Installment
    Nowadays our country product of electronics home appliance is become able to fulfill our demand. For reasonable price and best service quality it becomes very useful and available to all kinds of people.Summer is knocking door. For global warming temperature will ri... English Bangla
  • JAMUNA Electronics is giving easy installment facilities
    In our domestic product list JZMUNA is one of the best. Correct price value is one of the special sides of domestic home appliance. These products are free from imported tax and another necessary cost. So, product value become less then export product naturally. The entire domestic produ... English Bangla
Jamuna Reviews
  • Jamuna refrigerator JR-LES634800 CD Majestic Padma Price and Review
    Jamuna is one of the renowned brands of our country. Our domestic brands always try to gives height facility within affordable budget to our country man. They are assembling TV, fridge, AC and more other appliance with modern technology. Jamuna re... English Bangla
  • Jamuna Refrigerator JR-UES626300 VCM price and reviews
    Jamuna Refrigerator JR-UES626300 VCM Jamuna Refrigerator JR-UES626300 VCM is a graphical looking model with glossy silver color outlook. This double door refrigerator has maximum storage capacity of 263 liters. Unlike regular model of refrigerator this model has equ... English
  • Jamuna Refrigerator JE 208L Glass price and reviews
    Jamuna Refrigerator JE 208LIn this Eid festival Jamuna has lunched new model of refrigerator with modern features and elegant look. Jamuna Refrigerator JE 208L is a tower shape model of refrigerator with bottom mount freezing features. Lets have a look some of the feat... English
  • Jamuna Electric Kettle - UK-242 price and reviews
    Jamuna Electric Kettle - UK-242Electric kettles are super convenient for the purpose of heating water for making tea. Along with attractive design and color combination outlook with lightweight appliance can be use anywhere anytime. You can use it at your office or home an... English
  • Jamuna Refrigerator JE-232
    Jamuna Refrigerator JE-232 One of the common appliances of modern day’s kitchen is refrigerator. Along with other necessary appliances refrigerator is always standing at a corner to keep safe your food with vitamin and real flavor. Alongside international brand d... English