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  • Gree air cooler KSWK06S61DG price and review
    Air cooler is a marge type of appliance between fan and AC.Gree air cooler KSWK06S61DGis a 3-in-1 model. It will play role like fan, air cooler and humidifier according your demand. Its structure is very attractive. This tower type air cooler can be adjustable at any crner of your room. Area an... English Bangla
  • Gree split type air conditioner GS18LM410 (1.5 TON) price and review
    Gree is a well-known brand for AC. Several types of models are available in market with different features and different prices of Gree  AC. When price is hike then features are modern. Gree split type air conditioner GS18LM410 (1.5 TON) is a smart feature... English Bangla
  • Gree split type air conditionerGS-24CZ410 (2.0 TON) price and review
    AC is one of the demandable appliances. AC is useful both in summer/winter. But, in our country climate is tropical and there is no alternative to get cool touch during summer. Better quality AC is not just keeps home cool but also resist germ to inter room.Better ... English Bangla
  • Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL price and review
    An air cooler can gives you the cool air flow all over the room during horrible summer. Air cooler is such kind of home appliance that only useful in summer. It will feel up your room with chill air. It is not AC but service like fan cum AC. Limitations is you cann... English Bangla
  • Gree refrigerator GDRF-450 price and reviews
    Gree is one of the up growing and promising home appliance brand in our country. Gree AC and refrigerator are very useful two products now in Bangladesh. These two products are achieving the customer faith by budget and service. In this summer Gree presenting an elegant, spac... English Bangla