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  • General 1.0 Ton AC ASGA-12FNTA price and review
    General AC is very well known at our country. Proper balance of service and technology with price is mainly creating faith to customer. There are several types of models of general AC. General 1.0 Ton AC ASGA-12FNTA is a model of AC. Its efficiency is 12,000 BTU. Special f... English Bangla
  • General Air ConditionerASGA-18EHFT price and review
    In summer several types of problems are have faced, horrible hot is one of them. In our country temperature belongs between 35° to 40° C vary on area.Sometimes it exceeds 40°. AC gives some relief in this situation. People get some peace in home by AC. G... English Bangla
  • General Split AC ASG-18RBAJ Price and Reviews
    General Split AC ASG-18RBAJGoodwill of general air conditioner is worldwide. According to the weather condition of Bangladesh general conditioner has well enough cooling power to keep the room cool during hot and humid weather.General Split AC ASG-18RBAJ is a white color spi... English
  • General ASG-18 AET Air Conditioner Price and Review
    General ASG-18 AET Air Conditioner General air conditioner is the most popular air conditioners manufactures worldwide. They are one of few manufacturers who are offering only premium range of air conditioners in the market. They are very trust worthy brand for air conditioner. Few month... English