Yama Air cooler 14A price and reviews
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Yama Air cooler 14A price and reviews

Main reason of our country is summer. Almost 6-7 months we have to suffer extreme hot weather. Temperature becomes 32°-40°C. To get little peace in this rough weather people want to buy AC or cooler. AC is not affordable for everyone. Some time space fact, In this situation air cooler took place of AC. Air cooler is more reason than AC.
Air cooler- An air cooler is a device that cools air through the evaporation of water. Evaporating cooling uses the fact that water will absorb a relatively large amount of heat in order to evaporate. This can cool air using much less energy than refrigeration.
Pros of Air cooler-
  • Low initial investment (costs 10-15 percent as an AC).
  • Runs at 1/5 th power consumption of AC.
  • Doesn’t have any special insulation requirements in the rooms.
  • Simple mechanism. Maintenance is easy and can be done by anyone, spare parts are easily and cheaply available.
  • Can humidify air in really dry areas
  • Can operate without stabilizers
  • Uses no gases or substances that have negative impact on environment.
Presenting, you a new experience of air cooler. Yama Air cooler 14A.
Description of Yama Air cooler 14A- model no is 14A. Dimension of this model is 37.8*35.248*84.2 cm3. Gross Weight is 12.5 kg. Net weight is 11 kg. It seems like a semi large basket and you can keep it any corner of your space. Two colors available White and Black. This model has large water tank capacity able to preserve 16 L water. Consume 1-2 Litter water per hour. Effective for 15-20 m2 area Centrifugal type fan included to run this cooling system. Have 360° manual swing mode that you can get cool air each and every corner of your room. Large water tank helps longer cooling with continuous water supply by multi directional wheels. Thickness of cooling pad is 6 cm.
Electrical features- Yama Air cooler 14A have some great features to make your use joyful. By using 100W max air flow of this model is 1300 cbm and noise level is ≤52. To control air flow there is four type of mode is provided. High Medium Low Sleep Sleep mode can control 12 hrs time distance. At a time spread rang of air is 10.5 m. This model consumes 0.1w electricity per hour. To control its motion has digital remote control with temperature display and ionizer water inlet.
By your limited budget and space you can also get the high happiness of cool internal environment in this summer by Yama Air cooler 14A. Price of this model is only 8200 taka. You can buy this one from any kind of well known electronics home appliance show-room.

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