Walton Split AC WSN-12K-0102-RXXXA price and reviews
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Walton Split AC WSN-12K-0102-RXXXA price and reviews

When temperature is 35° to 40° C, then AC is desirable to all. Its quiet expensive but now you can buy it by installment. But, before pursues need to know about service and quality about brand. Also you need to get idea about which one is suitable for your space.
Walton presenting Walton Split AC WSN-12K-0102-RXXXA.Nowadays in home or any type of room using split AC.  Its main feature is it is divided into two parts. Outdoor unit and indoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed on or near the exterior wall of the room that you wish to cool. And indoor is in room. Outdoor  unit houses the compressor, condenser coil and the expansion coil or capillary tubing. The sleek-looking indoor unit contains the cooling coil, along blower and an air filter.
General features-
Conversion of  Walton Split AC WSN-12K-0102-RXXXAis 1200 BTU/hr, that mean capacity is 1 ton. Therefore, this model is useful for master bed room or same type of space. To active this model need to connect with 230 volt-50 Hz single phase. To keep your room cool this AC per hour circulate 650 m3 Air.
Cooling function-
Cooling capacity of Walton Split AC WSN-12K-0102-RXXXAis 3550 watt. It will convert room temperature to your desirable temperature. Cooling options will help to use as your need.
Super Jet Cool-This option is effective for make cool your space in very few time. Select jet option, and then select your preferable temperature. In this case, at first monitor your room temperature. Then, compare with your selected temperature, find the difference between them. Finally, make it cool your room in your desire temperature within 15-20 minutes.
Auto Restart function-If you feel cold for consistently running AC or feeling trouble, then put off your AC is  easy solution.  After a few minutes if you feel, increasing room temperature then again ON! But when you are busy in some another task or in sleep, then this OFF-ON process is not only hazard but also disturbing. Solution of this case is  ‘Auto Restart’ function.
Another features-Use remote to control AC. Other mechanical features will help you to maintain AC. In detail are given below-
Anti-mould, Detachable and washable filter-Walton Split AC WSN-12K-0102-RXXXA is included anti-mould option. So that, secure your AC from fungus. Air flow is dust and pollution free. Keep your room environment healthy and germ free. Also your AC will safe. Specially, allergy addicted peoples will not be suffer by AC.      
On the other hand,  Walton Split AC WSN-12K-0102-RXXXAhas detachable and washable filter easy to clean. After a long time using when you will feel to need a clean, then you can clean it easily by your own self. You can also wash with water. That will enrich your cleanliness and fanciness.
Eco-friendly-In this model refrigerant gas is R-22 and its amount is 0.62. This refrigerant gas is conventional and endurable for environment. Create less negative effect on environment. It’s COP-3.00. That mean, the ratio of heat suction from air is-3.That balances the humidistat of air. Protect your body and skin from dryness.
Volume and weight-volume of indoor part is-(820*300*270) and weight is 8.03 kilo. Volume of outdoor is-(820*360*625) and weight is 33.66 kilo. To install this model need 11.2 m2 or 12.0 ft2 space.
Value and Price:
Walton is a renowned home appliance brand in Bangladesh. Small or large every city in Bangladesh you will found Walton show-room. Walton Split AC WSN-12K-0102-RXXXAis available in your near Walton show-room. Value of this model is 36000.00 Taka.

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