Walton Room Air Cooler WEA-W18R Price and Reviews
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Walton Room Air Cooler WEA-W18R Price and Reviews

Walton Room Air Cooler WEA-W18R Walton Room Air Cooler WEA-W18R is a white color ultra modern featuring model with maximum water storage capacity of 18 liters. Along with touch screen control panel this model has been decorated with honeycomb cooling system that insulates the heat and blow cool air smoothly. This is a portable model of air cooler and has water tank at the front of the side with water indication level that will help you to know about availability of water in the tank.
If I talk about design of this model, according to me this is simple but modern featuring model and easy to operate. Total body is made of durable plastic as well as inside of the structure has honeycomb cooling pad and plastic fan. In front of the structure has air window to blow air all over the pale. One of the most attractive parts of this structure is touch control panel. This is a highly sensitive panel you could easily make the adjustment of the operating function according to the requirement. This is a portable model at the bottom of the structure has four wheels to move one place to another place.
In terms of cooling features, this is a room type Evaporative Air Cooler useful to use in inside as well as outside of the room. it has powerful honeycomb cooling pad at four sides of the structure that insulate the heat and flow cool air as well as water supply with ice cube box will make sure cool air during hot and humid summer. Total water storage capacity of this model is 18 liters. This is a good volume to support you for longer time. Moreover, this model has indicator line at the bottom that will let you know about the availability of water in the box and alarm will rang in the time of low storage. Besides, strong motor to flow volume 850 m3/h of cool air with automatic oscillation system to cover wide space of your room.
To control the function, Walton Room Air Cooler WEA-W18R has nice remote control. You can easily manipulate the function according to your requirement from anywhere of your room.
Unlike air conditioner air cooler doe consume minimum power energy and run with normal power supply line of 220V to 230v. This model only takes 80 watts to run. So you can remain tension in terms of electricity bill at the end of the month. This is an available model and easily found at your nearest appliance showrooms within affordable price. Price of Walton Room Air Cooler WEA-W18R is TK 14000.





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