Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator WFE-3B0-CRXX price and reviews
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Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator WFE-3B0-CRXX price and reviews

Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator WFE-3B0-CRXXDuring summer refrigerator is an essential need. In swelter summer not only storage food for long time but also cold water, soft drinks, ice cubes are also become essential for alleviation. In newly established family by couple or for job holders lonely life or for students home specious freeze in reasonable price is always wanted. Like this type of requirement renowned brand Waltonbrought to you Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator WFE-3B0-CRXX.
It’s very aesthetic look must seek your attention. Full body is decorated with red and deep red base and flower of graphical print. Which must be preferable to all and this design is unique than any other brand. This unique design increase perfection of your home more than previous. Its width*depth*height-(585*711*1726)mm. So that, this 320 liter capacity refrigerator is able to keep storage regular food of  your family for a long time. And appropriate for regular use. Its net weight is nearly 61 kg.
General Features:
Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator WFE-3B0-CRXX is direct cool type refrigerator. Its main features is- highly efficient in low power and less expensive, than other type of refrigerator. Direct cool refrigerator is more use in shop or industrially.Waltonbrought two version of direct cool refrigerator. Their maximum features are same. A little bit change in main structure. Its temperature control is mechanical. Defrosting system is manual. Lock system available. Handling system recessed or grip two types are available.
Refrigerator compartment: Refrigeratorcompartment of Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator WFE-3B0-CRXXis nearly equal to freezer compartment.Refrigerator compartment keep the food safe with real aroma. Moreover, this model has several layers took keep the food safe and separately.This model is decorated with 2 wire shelf, 1 vegetable crisper with cover, 4 door basket and egg try. LED light and fan also included. Having bright light you will get clear view inside of the cavity. Cooling effect is 0º C to +5ºC. So you would easily store regular food.
Freezer compartment: Cooling function of this model is -18 degree. This part has 2 wire shelf.This compartment is also quite large to keep good enough amount of food for long time.
Cooling features:Climate type of Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator WFE-3B0-CRXX isN~ST. Suitable for all type of weather. Condenser and capillary pipe both are copper. There two kinds of refrigerant gas are used in two different versions. These are R134a and R600a.Combination of R600a or R134a refrigerant and 100% copper condenser will make sure of smooth air flow at both the cavity. Ensure the food value with less energy.Due to have green technology we are safe from harmful CFC and HCFC gas.Totally eco-friendly arrangement for healthy and cure life. So, perfectly take care of your family and environment. You can use voltage stabilizer in this refrigerator. In that case, capacity of voltage stabilizer needs to be 2000 VA.
Electrical Features:
Walton Direct Cool Refrigerator WFE-3B0-CRXX used RSCR Compressorensures better performance.This model will be active in 220 volt 50 Hz. This model is highly active with less energy, so that, end of the month you will not hazard with extra current bill. It can storage food as its ability for long time. For smart technology it can keep food fresh with real test and aroma.Polyurethane foam blowing agent is CycloPentane, will not create bad effect on food.
Value and Price:
Walton is a renowned home appliance brand in Bangladesh. Small or large every city in Bangladesh you will found Walton show-room. This model is available in your near Walton show-room. Value of this model is 29,400.00 Taka.

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