Vision Chest Freezer 823506 price and reviews
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Vision Chest Freezer 823506 price and reviews

Vision Chest Freezer 823506 In recent time most usable appliance is refrigerator. Due to have elegant look and features to store food for longer time demand of refrigerator is increasing day by day. There are several appliances manufacturing companies are offering futuristic featuring model of refrigerator within affordable price.
Vision is one of the promising appliances brand in Bangladesh. They have been offering futuristic featuring Vision Chest Freezer 823506 with maximum storage capacity of 212 liters. This ordinary shape model of chest freezer is capable of keeping your food safe for longer time without disturbing mineral and vitamin of the food.
Let’s have a look some of the basic features of this model at a glance.
-          This is a white color model of chest freezer with ordinary box shape size. This will not only increase the beauty of your place but taking care of your food.
-          HCFC and CFC gas free Eco friendly model of refrigerator. This model will take care of your environmental condition too. This R600a refrigeratent will not only taking care of your food but also minimize the electricity bill too.
-          This is an available model within affordable price at your nearest appliances showrooms.
-          This is a single door model of chest freezer. Therefore cooling air will be lost in the time of opening the door.
Design and dimension
Vision Chest Freezer 823506 is an ordinary box shape model of chest freezer with durable metallic body and royal white color. This model has futuristic features of cooling with maximum storage capacity of 212 liters. This is a single door chest freezer with door lock system that will hold the cool inside the cavity and keep your food at perfect condition. This model has regulator at the bottom of the corner. This will help you to make the change of the temperature according to the condition. Dimension of this model is 866 X 650 X 850 mm and net weight of 45 kg. According to dimension of this model and weight you can easily set this model at your room comfortably and can move easily from one place to another place.
Storage and cooling capacity  
Total storage capacity of this model Vision Chest Freezer 823506 is 212 liters. To make sure about proper storage there is a wire rack and basket is given. This will keep your dry food safe for longer time. Unlike ordinary refrigerator this model has been using R600a refrigerant. This will not give you proper cooling but also make sure about minimum electricity bill. This model has 100% copper condenser without Harmful CFC and HCFC gas free model.  
Available smart features of this model are given below.
Nano technology: This is a Nano technology featuring model of refrigerator. This technology makes sure about the food safety and prevents the food from being rotten without disturbing any test and vitamin of the food.
No frost: This is a non frost model of refrigerator that keep the food safe at high cooling temperature without making frost the food.  It also helps to take out the food safely from the cavity.
Multi Air Flow: smooth air flow is very much needed to keep the food fresh for long time. In that case LG has been providing two fans at both the cavity. As a result air will be perfectly flow to both the cavity and food will be remaining safe for longer time.
R600a refrigerant: This model has strong refrigerant r600a. Along with providing perfect cavity cooling it will keep your electricity bill within the limit.
Intelligence inverter system: it has intelligence inverter system that makes the full use of the power properly. So at the end of the month you would not get the electricity bill over the limit. This technology does start the engine at the time of requirement and does make sure about keeping the electricity bill within the limit.
Electrical features 
This is a high power consuming model of daily appliance. Unlike other appliances refrigerators run day long at our home. So it is obvious to get high electricity bill at the end of the month. This refrigerators run with the normal voltage of 220v to 230V and only consume minimum power energy. So your electricity bill will be remaining within the limit at the end of the month.   
Price and availability
Vision Chest Freezer 823506 is a black color model of double door refrigerator that can be found at your nearest appliances showrooms within affordable price. Price of Vision Chest Freezer 823506 is TK 27800 (collected at 29/08/2018).

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