Sharp Split AC AH-A24SEV price and reviews
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Sharp Split AC AH-A24SEV price and reviews

Sharp Split AC AH-A24SEVAC is a kind of home appliance which drags hot air and makes them cool and force-out to in open space. To get rid of swelter hot weather AC is desirable to all. It makes your room temperature as you like by drag wind from your room and make theme cool. There is several types of AC in several price different branded of various branded. In renowned and valued brand SHARP is one of them. SHARP used Japanese technology to their product. So, they are always ensuring developed service to their buyer. SHARP brought a new AC Sharp Split AC AH-A24SEV.
As a customer you need to have a clear conception about the difference between AC (Air conditioner) and Air cooler. Air cooler just cool your room. But AC (Air conditioner) first of all monitors your room temperature. Then convert it to your desire temperature.
Structural Features- This 55 kilo AC is white in color. Its capacity is 2 ton. It is a split type AC.
Another feature of this AC is given below in details. For your acknowledgement information are here-
Super Jet Cool-This option is effective for make cool your space in very few time. Select jet option, then select your preferable temperature. In this case, at first monitor your room temperature. Then, compare with your selected temperature, find the difference between them. Finally, make it cool your room in your desire temperature within 15-20 minutes.
Gentle cool- When you are don’t want directly AC air splash your body or face, then select ‘Gentle cool option. Then louvers of AC will propellant the flow of cool air in upright to selling or downward as you selected. Keep you safe from direct air flow.
Auto Restart function-If you feel cold for consistently running AC or feeling trouble, then put off your AC is easy solution. After a few minutes if you feel, increasing room temperature then again ON! But when you are busy in some another task or in sleep, then this OFF-ON process is not only hazard but also disturbing. Solution of this case is ‘Auto Restart’ function.
Anti-mould, Detachable and washable filter-            Sharp Split AC AH-A24SEV is included anti-mould option. So that, secure your AC from fungus. Air flow is dust and pollution free. Keep your room environment healthy and germ free. Also your AC will safe. Specially, allergy addicted peoples will not be suffer by AC.
On the other hand, Sharp Split AC AH-A24SEV has detachable and washable filter easy to clean. After a long time using when you will feel to need a clean, then you can clean it easily by your own self. You can also wash with water. That will enrich your cleanliness and fanciness.
Another facility- During using AC you may face different type of complexity. To solve this problem company is always providing you any type of AC related help.
2 years product warranty; Any part of SHARP appliance part is 2 years. In this time if you feel any problem by using SHARP product, then company will recover it or replace it if you need without any charge.
Compressor warranty: 2 years.
Free service: 3 years.
SHARP is one of the famous Japanese home appliance brands. Their product service is always better then another renowned brand in market. Product price is also quiet high. You will get SHARP product in any big electronics home appliance show-room in your nearest. Price of
Sharp Split AC AH-A24SEV is 79000 Taka.

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