Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX3153E-SL Price and Reviews
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Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX3153E-SL Price and Reviews

Sharp refrigerator built in Japanese technology. That’s why Sharp is different for its quality from other refrigerator.  Sharp brand is quiet costly in price, so that, customers are unwilling to Sharp refrigerator. If you are looking for a semi-large long durable refrigerator model for your family then, you can check the special features of Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX3153-SL.
Capacity and outer structure- Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX3153-SL has two several compartment fizzer and refrigerator and 253 litter capacity. Refrigerator has 198 litter capacities and frizzier has 73 litter capacities. So that, frizzier compartment is smaller than refrigerator compartment. Outlook of this model is very typical like as usual home refrigerator model. Body of this model is made by stainless still and color is original stainless color that means silver color. It’s height is 11.5 cft.      
Special features- The characteristics of Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX3153-SL that will impress you are given below-
J-tech inverter- This helps to maintain a more consistent temperature with less vibration and keeps noise to a minimum level compared to a conventional refrigerator with less pressure on compressor. J-tech inverter technology keeps your food very faster. For example- it can keep any kinds of drinks chilled at a low temperature of 0-2°C. The sharp J- Tech inverter has up to 9X more cooling gear levels than an ordinary inverter and ice cubes can be ready 35% quicker than regular refrigerators.
Ag+ Nano Deodorizer- Ag+ Nano or silver nano is an anti-bacterial technology. That can cure your refrigerator from attack and damage of bacteria. Also keeps your foods fresh and odor free.  
Cooling fan system- Modern non-frost refrigerator consisting two cooling fans. One is under the refrigerator to cool the compressor. The second is inside the refrigerator. This second fan helps provide more even cooling and also aids in the defrost process.  
Another feature- There is enough and well decorated shelf and casing are included in this model. Fresh case, tempered glass shelf, LED interior light is also included. R600a refrigerant are used here which are less harmful for global warming.  Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX3153-SL is 60% energy saving.  
Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX3153-SL is a semi-large model and spacious interior. For busy family members or 5/6 family members this model is ideal. Price of this model is 59,900 Taka. You can buy it from any well known home appliance show-room of your city.

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