Samsung Refrigerator RSA1NTWPPrice and Reviews
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Samsung Refrigerator RSA1NTWPPrice and Reviews

Samsung Refrigerator RSA1NTWP Samsung Refrigerator RSA1NTWP is a side by side tower shape frost free white color model of refrigerator. Along with elegant look it has ample 540 liters storage space to keep the food fresh for long time with real test and aroma. According to Samsung, the refrigerator boasts of world’s 1st built-in easy open handles that merge seamlessly with the outer body, and helps the user with easier operations.

It’s built in easy open handles help to open the door easily. Its twin cooling feature always keeps both the compartment dry all the time. Its ample space allow you to store huge food and its interior decoration make sure about the proper use of space following that you can adjust the level of height with the help of adjustable leg. In addition due to having inverter technology you may remain tension fee regarding electricity bill at the end of the month.

This is monster size of refrigerator model. Therefore you need to have good enough space in your kitchen or dining room to keep this model. You would also face problem in terms of moving this model from one place to another. In addition and most importantly, we got negative feedback regarding compressor. Though Samsung claim that compressor would give nonstop service for 5 years but it has proved wrong.

This is a futuristic features base model of Samsung refrigerator. Ample space with good looking will attract you surely. If you have enough budget as well as spacious then you can get this one at your selection list.

Design and Dimension
Refrigerators have long been thought of as the boxy, boring behemoths of the kitchen, and buying one used to be as simple as choosing between eggshell and off-white. But now times have changed, users looking forward have dynamic design with modern cooling technology. This Samsung RSA1NTWP is one of the stylish refrigerators that we have ever reviewed. It is a white color tower shape top mount refrigerator model with digital touch screen control panel at the front of the door. Total body is made of durable Material coating plastics and its dimension (W X D X H) is (91.2x73.4x178.9) m. According to the size you can easily get an idea about the required space as well as it weight is 115 kg. Therefore you have to be sure about the placement of this monster model.

Storage capacity
You can easily store huge amount of food easily at a time. Samsung Refrigerator RSA1NTWP has been providing enormous space with multiple glass shelves and box for non vegetarian and vegetarian food. Total food storage capacity of this model is 540 liters or 19 cft. One third storage capacity with 190 liters is available for freezer section following 350 liters for freezer section.

In the case of refrigerator compartment, with the help of four glass shelves layers and two storage boxes you can easily store your daily food for longer time with natural flavor with necessary mineral and vitamin.

On the other hand freezer section also has same interior decoration but different storage capacity.

Cooling Features
Samsung has been using R600a (isobutene) cooling technology. This technology is also known as a green technology that would not only keep the food fresh but also responsible for keeping the environment free from dangerous CFC and HCFC gas. In addition it’s double cooling fan make sure about the proper distribution of cooling at the all compartment.

It has super frost cooling features that can make the refrigerator compartment super cool within short time. On the other hand with the help of temperature indication easily change the level of power. As well as you can remain tension in you long tour by only turn your refrigerator into holiday mood.

Modern Features
All the added features have made the difference between two areas refrigerator. Available features of this Samsung Refrigerator RSA1NTWP are given below.

Sid by side door: One of the popular refrigerators model nowadays in the market. Due have separate door it can hold the cooling for longer time as well as cinch to use.

Nano technology: This features work as an anti- bacterial and keep the food fresh with real aroma and test for longer time.

Super frost: This technology can make the refrigerator compartment cool within short time. This technology can droop the temperate level 0 degree within short time for 30 minutes.

Temperature indication: This feature will let you know about the available temperature of the compartment and according to your requirement you can make adjustment by touch screen which is given at the front of the door.

Frost free: unlike ordinary model of refrigerator this model is a frost free model. Therefore it does not matter how long you have been storing your food in the refrigerator, your foods will remain frost free and can easily remove the food from the cavity.

Holiday mood: this mood work as a guidance of the compartment. It increases the level of cooling when need as well as reduce the level of cooling. You can go in the tour by turning this mood at your refrigerator. It will take care of your food properly as well as keep the power consumption at optimal level.

Electrical Features: This is a home appliance. Therefore you can easily run this model with the normal voltage of 220V to 230V with the frequency of 50zh. This model only consumes 650 watts. So you electricity bill will be remain within your budget.

Price and availability
You may have this model at your nearest home and kitchen appliances showrooms of Samsung. They have several showrooms as well as dealers all over the country.

Price of the product does matter in the case of Samsung Refrigerator RSA1NTWP price is affordable compare to the given features. Price of this model is TK 158000 (collected at 20-7-2016).

Now it is your turn to evaluate all the given features and make right decision.

Be happy.


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