Honeywell Dessert Air Cooler CL 601PM Price and reviews
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Honeywell Dessert Air Cooler CL 601PM Price and reviews

Honeywell Dessert Air Cooler CL 601PM If you are looking for an appliance that not only making sure about the comfort level of your room place during hot and humid weather but also taking care of the beauty of your place then air cool is the best option for you. Unlike air conditioner air cooler make the room temperate comfortable to live in natural way by only using water, one cooling media and durable plastic made fan to blow the air all over the room.

Unlike air condition air cooler may not keep you cool during hot and humid weather but definitely taking care of your room place and make it comfortable to live. There are several international brand model of air cooler is available in the market with futuristic features to operate easily.

Honeywell is one of the demandable and popular international brands all over the world in the appliances market. They are very much popular due to have quality product and futuristic features. Recently they have lunched Honeywell Dessert Air Cooler CL 601PM. This is an ordinary box shape model of air cooler with durable body and modern featuring cooling media.

Let’s have a look some of the basic features of this model at a glance.


-          This is outstanding out looking model of dessert air cooler. This model will keep you room temperature at endurable position and make comfortable to live at.

-          Easily operating control panel is given with knob regulator to make the changes according to the requirement.

-          Remote control for making the changes of the operation according to the requirement from anywhere of your room.

-          To make the air flow cooler you can put some ice at the ice box.  

-          You can get to know about the availability of water at the water tank and the level of water tank by empty water tank alarm.

-          This is an available model of air cooler that can be easily found at your nearest appliances showrooms.


-          No doubt this is a quality air cooler but its outlook could have been better and size of the model could be smaller too.

Design and dimension

Honeywell Dessert Air Cooler CL 601PM is a ordinary box shape model decorated with futuristic features. Total plastic body made model has dual ton white and gray color combination. That has given outstanding outlook to the air cooler. At the bottom of the structure water tank is given with maximum storage capacity of 55 liters. At the top control panel and at the center air throwing panel is given to make the air flow smooth. This is a heavy size model of air cooler. So you need to have good enough space at your room to keep this model safely. Dimension of this model is (700 x 466 x 1017) mm.

Available features

This is a modern day’s smart featuring air cooler with easy operating features. Some of the available features of this model are given below.

Long-distance remote control: minicomputer level control panel has been given to control the features of the air cooler with the help of remote control from long distance.

Automatic 4-way swing: Its auto four way oscillation systems would spared air in the four directions and make sure about free flow of air.

Timer 1-8 hours: with the help of timer you can set running time. After reaching that time cooling machine will automatically went to the shut down mood. Among 1 to 8 hours you can set your preferable one.  So at the time of sleep you may remain tension free about on and off.

Extra-large honey-comb cooling pad: high quality extra-large honey-comb cooling pad has the power to hold the water for longer time and its air passing pocket eliminate dust and bacteria from the air and give you fresh air.

Purify air by generating anion: along with honey pad cooling media it has air purifying machine. That system generates anion and removes all the particles and dust from the air and provides clear as well as fresh air.

 Ice box: ice box has been given for using ice in the water tank. That would make sure about the cool air in the time of extra hot weather.  This box has sufficient enough space to preserve more than 6 pieces of ice cube at a time.

Electrical features

This is not air conditioner therefore it is clear that you must not require having extra powerful electrical line to run this model. At the same time electricity bill will be remain at the durable level. You can easily run this model with the normal voltage of 220V to 230V with the normal frequency of 50 Hz. This Honeywell Dessert Air Cooler CL 601PM consume only 120w. Therefore you may not have to worry much regarding electricity bill at the end of the month.

Price and availability

According to the increasing demand of air cooler in our country. Appliances  manufacturing companies as well as dealers are working to fill up the demand. Honeywell is a international renowned brands all over the world and they have several dealers and outlet in our country too. So you would get this model at your nearest appliances showrooms easily. According to the given features price of Honeywell Dessert Air Cooler CL 601PM is standard. Price of Honeywell Dessert Air Cooler CL 601PM is TK 18900 ( collected at 28/01/2018).

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