Eco+ Rice cooker MR-GM28HA price and reviews
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Eco+ Rice cooker MR-GM28HA price and reviews

Eco+ Rice cooker MR-GM28HA Rice cooker has become part and parcel of our daily life. Eco+ brand is providing Eco+ Rice cooker MR-GM28HA model of a smart design and latest quality rice cooker. Let’s have look main features of this model
  • Smart Design
  • Easy Cooking
  • Numerous Function
  • Safe Cooking
Smart Design
There was a head cover top of rice cooker in old design. But, this model is not like that. Directly you can set up pot on cooker. There have an appropriate glass cover top on the pot. On cooking time you can put up and put-off the cover randomly without having harm of heat or electric shock. Main attraction of this model is outlook. At white background spot of flower describe an elegant appetite. It must decorate your kitchen with fair.
Easy Cooking
Cooking Procedure is very easy. You just need to follow the procedure wash rice, certain amount of water for the rice, fix it and switch on. That’s enough! There is no complexity in operating system. There are two signal lights, green and orange color. These are indicating cooking time and finishing. In the time of cooking, light will be green and turn on in red at the time cooking is completed. Most important automatically forward to warming function and become orange.
Numerous Functions:
Moreover, you can also use it for heating food by warm up function. Not only rice but also you can cook several types of food items by this cooker. Good enough amount of heating properties are providing for cooking. There is also a plastic steamer. If you want to boiled any vegetable or potato, than just put them on steamer and keep it up on top of cooking pot.
Safe Cooking:
There is all arrangement is available to make your cooking safe. It’s full structure is isolated. That will save you from unwanted electric shock. You will get a non-stick coating aluminum inner pot with cooker. Plastic cool touch handle is attached with cooker and inner pot to protect your hand from heat.
Eco+ Rice cooker MR-GM28HA capacity is 2.8 liter. You may cook 8 to 10 person’s meal at a time in this cooker. It consumes 1000 watt power. You need make sure 220 to 240 volt supply to active this cooker. Connection cord is providing by company to connect with power supply. Moreover, there is measuring cup and measuring cup spatula with cooker.
Eco+ is a well known home appliance brand .Different type of electrical home appliances are providing for your daily use. With the view to make your regular task easy they bring a rice cooker in a market. You may get it from any renowned electrical home appliance show room by affordable price. Rice cooker MR-GM28HA price is TK 2890.00

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