Conion Refrigerator BEM-227BG price and reviews
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Conion Refrigerator BEM-227BG price and reviews

Conion Refrigerator BEM-227BG Conion Refrigerator BEM-227BG is a tall and black color model of ordinary refrigerator. This tower shape model of refrigerator is not only capable of keeping food safe but also increase the beauty of your place. This top mount refrigerator has maximum storage capacity of 227 liters. This latest technology base model of refrigerator has been decorated with futuristic features. Let’s have a look some of the key features of this model at a glance.
-          This is an attractive out looking model of refrigerator that has maximum storage capacity with futuristic features.
-          Hybrid Bio – effectively eliminate both bacteria and unpleasant odor molecules to keep the air in the refrigerator clean and fresh
-          Adjustable door pocket is given that make sure about the proper storage of food without disturbing the vitamin and mineral of the food.
-          Both compartments have been decorated organized way so that food can be keep separately without disturbing the aroma and test of the food.
-          This model is available at your nearest appliances showrooms of best electronics.
-           This black color model refrigerator is a heavy weight model that is not easy to move from one place to another according to the requirement.
Design and dimension
Conion Refrigerator BEM-227BG is a tall and black color model of ordinary refrigerator. Total storage capacity has been equally distributed and ahs proper organized place to store the food safely without disturbing the test and vitamin of the food. Total storage capacity of this model is 227 liters. Adjustable pocket door is design that can hold good enough food. This black color model of refrigerator has multi layers to store the food. This black color model does not have any strong base to hold the ground solid. Total weight of this model is 50 kgs. So you need to work hard to move this model from one place to another.
Available features
This model is decorated with futuristic features and easily operated by any level user. Some of the available features of this model is given below.
Temperature control: first of all there is an ultra modern knob regulator is given to manipulate the operating function according to the requirement. There are two regulator is given. One for making the adjustments of the power of cooling and another one for making the changes of the time setting.
Nano technology: This is a Nano technology featuring model of refrigerator. This technology makes sure about the food safety and prevents the food from being rotten without disturbing any test and vitamin of the food.
No frost: This is a non frost model of refrigerator that keep the food safe at high cooling temperature without making frost the food.  It also helps to take out the food safely from the cavity.
Multi air flow: unlike other model of refrigerator this model has multiple air flowing fans at the both cavity to flow the air smoothly at the both compartment.
Intelligence inverter system: it has intelligence inverter system that makes the full use of the power properly. So at the end of the month you would not get the electricity bill over the limit. This technology does start the engine at the time of requirement and does make sure about keeping the electricity bill within the limit.
N~ST type: this is a perfect weather condition type to keep food safe. According to the weather heat it does generate moisture to keep the food safe and right condition to eat.
R600a: this is a harmful CFC and HCFC gas free model of refrigerator that has been approved by the environment authority.  It will not only keep the cool of the cavity but also keeping the electricity bill within the limit.
Electrical features  
Refrigerator is a regular and all time using model of appliance. Therefore this model does consume little bit extra electricity compare to other model of appliances. This normal model can be run with the normal voltage of 220 V to 230V.
Price and availability
Conion Refrigerator BEM-227BG is a available model with futuristic features. They have several showrooms all over the country. So you would easily found this model at your nearest appliances showrooms within affordable price. Price of Conion Refrigerator BEM-227BG is TK 26700 ( collected at 31/3/2018).

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