Walton Rechargeable Lamp WRL-HT01

Walton Rechargeable Lamp WRL-HT01

Walton Rechargeable Lamp WRL-HT01
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Walton Rechargeable Lamp WRL-HT01
Model No: WRL-HT01

Price: Tk 410.00

Views: 329 times.
Updated on: 2019-06-19
Price Updated on: 2019-09-19
ID: 11523

Category: Charger Lights
Brand: Walton
Showroom Address: Click here

Product Description
 - Rechargeable LED Torch with super brightness.
   - Strong/Weak bright settings.
   - Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion 3.7V 1200mAh
- Use safety, memory free and pollution free.
- Rechargeable LED Torch with super brightness.
- Light source adopt 1pcs, super brightness high-power white LED, long service life ,low power consumption, can work at least 8 hours;
- Strong/Weak bright settings.
- Equipped with adapter ,controlled by intelligent chip, it has high reliability, high efficiency, fast charging, overcharge protection, trickle charging and status indication function;
- Condenser cup adopt aluminum material, high-tech surface treatment, high reflective efficiency and far range
- Self-equipped with hat guard, it can put on the safety helmet, with headband, very comfortable and convenient; with widely use, the lamp is specialized for people working in the night or dark environment.

- Battery: Rechargeable lithium ion 3.7V 1200mAh
- Voltage: AC 110~240V. 50/60Hz
- Charging time: initially 8-10 Hours
- Duration: 2 hours/strong light
                 8 hours/weak light.


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