Walton Personal Air Cooler WEA-V28R

Walton Personal Air Cooler WEA-V28R

Walton Personal Air Cooler WEA-V28R
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Walton Personal Air Cooler WEA-V28R
Model No: WEA-V28R

Price: Tk 6500.00

Views: 2434 times.
Updated on: 2018-04-18
Price Updated on: 2018-04-17
ID: 8852

Category: Personal Air Cooler
Brand: Walton
Showroom Address: Click here

Product Description
   General Specification :
 Covered Area
 120-160 SFT
 Air Flow
 600 m3/h
 Maximum evaporation rate  450 ml/hour
 Air speed
 7.5 m/s
 < 60dB
 Copper motor
 Voltage / Frequency
 220V / 50Hz

Evaporative Air Cooler
  - Honeycomb Cooling Media
  - With Anion function
  - Timer 0.5~7.5h
  - Two Ice packs for optimum cooling effect
  - High air speed with low noise
  - Water tank capacity 4L
  - Super sensitive control panel and Remote control
Water & Ice mix cooling system
- Fresh air with ionizer
- Honeycomb Cooling Media
- Remote control
- Detachable Water tank with level indicator
- Timer 0.5~7.5h
- Swing Auto left-right 1200, manual UP/Down

  • 2018-04-23
    Walton Personal Air Cooler WEA-V28R Walton Personal Air Cooler WEA-V28R is an ordinary box shape model of air cooler with futuristic features and outstanding outlook. Along with wide widows at the front of the structure it has control panel at the top to manipulate the operating features according to the requirement. This attractive black color model of air cooler is good enough to keep you cool during hot and humid summer. Let’s have a look some of the basic features of this model at a glance given below. Pros, -      &nb... more

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