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Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNH-3H6-HDDD-XX

Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNH-3H6-HDDD-XX

Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNH-3H6-HDDD-XX
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(This Product is not available!)
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Model No: WNH-3H6-HDDD-XX
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ID: 10014
Category: Refrigerator
Brand: Walton

Product Description
- No need to use Voltage Stabilizer
- LED lighting in both refrigerator & freezer compartment 
- Using NANO healthcare technology
- Using Eco friendly R600a refrigerant
- Twist ice tray for quicker ice Making
- Low energy consumption
- Using Anti-fungal door gasket
- Enhanced heat transfer with 100% Copper condenser 
- Flat, elegant door provides a contemporary look
- Power cooler, dynamic flow 
- Reinforce glass shelves
- Adjustable transparent racks
- Transparent Fresh room
- Optimum noise level
- 100% CFC & HCFC Free Green Technology
Cooling Features :
 Capacity :
 Gross Volume
 386 Ltr.
 Net Volume
 328 Ltr.
 Performance :
 Climatic Type (SN, N, ST, T)
 Rated Voltage/ Hz/ watt
 220-240/ 50 Hz/198 watt
 Weight/Kg -Packing  78 Kg
 Compressor  RSCR
 General Features :
 Temperature Control (Electronic/  Mechanical) 
 Defrosting (Automatic/ Manual)
 100 % Copper
 Thermostat  RoHS Certified
 Polyurethane foam blowing agent
 [Eco-friendly (100% CFC &
 HCFC Free) Green Technology]
 Refrigerator Compartment :
 Shelf (Material/No.)
 Bottle Pocket
 Interior Lamp
 Chilled Room  Yes/1
 Chilled Room Door  Yes/1
 Egg Tray or Pocket  Yes/ 2
 Vegetable Crisper
 Freezer Compartment :
 Twist Ice tray
 Ice Box  Yes/1
 Shelf (Material/ No.)
 Bottle Pocket
 Interior LED Lamp
 Cooling Efect
 Freezer Cabinet Less than -180C
 Refrigerator Cabinet 00C to +50C
 Dimensions (Net) :
 705 mm
 719 mm
 1702 mm
 Packing :
 760 mm
 775 mm
 1755 mm
 Loading Capacity- 40HQ/ 40Ft/ 20Ft
 66/ 48/ 24
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