Walton Gas Stove Glass Top Double Burner WGS-GNS2 (LPG)

Walton Gas Stove Glass Top Double Burner WGS-GNS2 (LPG)

Walton Gas Stove  Glass Top Double Burner WGS-GNS2 (LPG)
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Walton Gas Stove Glass Top Double Burner WGS-GNS2 (LPG)
Model No: WGS-GNS2 (LPG)

Price: Tk 3850.00

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Updated on: 2018-09-30
Price Updated on: 2018-09-30
ID: 9991

Category: Gas Burner
Brand: Walton
Showroom Address: Click here

Product Description
- Non-magnetic stainless steel body frame for long time rust protection
- Elegant & Unique design tempered glass top panel
- Whirlwind burners for faster cooking
- Strong SS body frame of thickness 0.45 mm
- Stainless Steel Burner Support Bar
- 50,000-55,000 times auto ignition for each igniter
- Locking system in pan support prevents accident during cooking
- Burner and igniter adjustment ensures blue flame
- Low gas consumption
- Strong non-magnetic stainless steel body frame
- Burner with brass cover
- Whirlwind burner design for more durable & efficient flame heat
- Strong zigzag type vitreous enameled pan support for long life
- Automatic piezoelectric ignition
- 100% catching fire
General Specification :
 Rated heat  3.2 kw + 3.2 kw
 Stainless Steel Panel Thickness  0.45 mm
 Double burner with Brass Cover size  90 mm + 90 mm
 Igniter Life  50,000 - 55,000 times spark
 Efficiency  More than 65%


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