Walton Electric Lunch Box WELB-RB02

Walton Electric Lunch Box WELB-RB02

Walton Electric Lunch Box WELB-RB02
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Walton Electric Lunch Box WELB-RB02
Model No: WELB-RB02

Price: Tk 590.00

Views: 1048 times.
Updated on: 2019-12-12
Price Updated on: 2020-03-12
ID: 10253

Category: Hotpot
Brand: Walton
Showroom Address: Click here

Product Description
- Portable and easy to operate.
   - Fashionable design.
   - Safe and high temperature resistant materials.
   - Power: 40 watt.
   - AC220-240~ 50Hz Power Supply.
- A new generation of portable electric heating lunch box, no odor
- Using food grade high temperature environmental materials.
- Design of fine fashion, the surface cover ad hoc ventilating device, can keep food fresh.
- Heating and thermal insulation function.
- PTC heating components using safer and efficient, energy saving.
- It consumes very little power to keep your food warm and great.
- Keep your meals freshly warm with a Multifunction Electric Lunchbox.
- Plug it in and let your packed meal heat up in 40 minutes.
- Features 2 spacious food compartments (one is detachable) that can store rice and viand or soup.
 General Specification :
 Product Dimensions  240 mm x 175 mm x 110 mm
 Voltage  220V
 Wattage or Power Consumption  40W
 Lunchbox capacity  1100 ml
 Dished Plate capacity  450 ml
 Rice plate capacity  650 ml


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