Vision Electric Kettle VSN-1802

Vision Electric Kettle VSN-1802

Vision Electric Kettle VSN-1802
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Vision Electric Kettle VSN-1802
Model No: VSN-1802
Price: Tk 1200.00
Views: 932 times.
Updated on: 2018-03-20
ID: 6564

Category: Electric Kettle
Brand: Vision
Showroom Address: Click here

Product Description
1.Model: VSN-1802
2.Capacity: 1.2L
3.Power: 1000W, 220V, 50Hz
4.Plastic housing Body.
5.Automatically Turn Off When Water Boils.
6.Boil-dry and overheat protection
7.Illuminated on-off switch
8.Full copper cord with two pin VDE plug.

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    Vision Electric Kettle VSN-1802 Electric kettle is one of the common daily appliances in our kitchen. Its demand increased during the winter season rapidly due to fall of temperature. All the people of like to have touch of hot coffee or tea to make themselves warm up. ... more

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