Topper Single SS Auto Gas Stove LPG A-114

Topper Single SS Auto Gas Stove LPG A-114

Topper Single SS Auto Gas Stove LPG A-114
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Topper Single SS Auto Gas Stove LPG A-114
Model No: LPG A-114

Price: Tk 1345.00

Views: 248 times.
Updated on: 2018-11-24
Price Updated on: 2018-11-24
ID: 10421

Category: Gas Burner
Brand: RFL
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Product Description

Product Details:

Brand: Topper
Product type: LPG
Function: Auto ignition 
Body material: Stainless steel panel
Dimension: 290 mm x 360 mm x 110 mm
Net weight : 2 KG   
Color: As given picture

  • 2018-11-27
    Topper Single SS Auto Gas Stove LPG A-114Gas stoves are the necessary kitchen appliance. Along with proper ingredients to cook food also needs proper heat of energy. Extra heat energy can damage your delicious menu as well as proper heat can provide extra aroma and increase the test of your meal. So heating elements is very essential. There are several option we have in our daily life to cook food but one of the convenient way of cooking is natural gas. There are several appliances manufacturing companies are manufacturing stainless still made model of ... more

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