Samsung 3D Television F6400

Samsung 3D Television F6400

Samsung 3D Television F6400
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Samsung 3D Television F6400
Model No: F6400

Price: Tk 236700.00

Views: 797 times.
Updated on: 2017-02-27
ID: 5677

Category: 3D TV
Brand: Samsung
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Product Description
Samsung F6400 55″ 3D Television has a stylish and seamless design for an immersive viewing experience. This 6 series TV enables wireless streaming from any device, and has built in wifi! This TV will give you the full high definition 3D viewing experience with incredible sound and picture quality with the 1920 x 1080 resolution and 400 Clear Motion Rate. This 55″ Samsung will put you right into the action and create an unforgettable experience. The smart TV who understands you and provide for your tastes Samsung Smart TV is not only able to follow your vocal signs to look for in the schedules something that you like, but it is also able to find out only the programs you may like, based on your habits and tastes on your Samsung has created the true Smart TV, smart enough to learn the tastes of their audience to meet and even anticipate every request. The function S-Recommendation is one of the strengths of the revolutionary new Samsung Smart TV system: the TV understands exactly what the user wants to see and when. Analyzing the tastes of each person based visa programs and actions carried out on TV is able to suggest, based on an advanced TV Guide, transmissions and programs that may be of interest and pleasure. The most advanced way to control your Smart TV The advanced voice recognition, makes it even easier and more natural use of your Samsung Smart TV. Everything inside wheel to you: all the functions and applications are also accessible by simply “talking” to the television: the level of voice control system in Italian accesses the menu and the environment Smart TV without you having to even lift a finger. Movies and TV series – selections based on your viewing preferences Discover a wide range of video on demand with the Film and TV series page. The contents are provided to you so quick and convenient to access your favorite movies and TV series. Designed for pleasure By using the unique One Design, Samsung improves the experience of owning a TV: the ultra-thin frame, embellished by a sophisticated plexiglass decoration, concentrates the image of the viewer’s attention, when the TV is turned on; when turned off, its elegance and lightness, making it a sophisticated piece of furniture, not intrusive but a great personality. The best viewing experience with the new Samsung Smart TV. Samsung with the F6400 series LED Smart TV has reached an excellent picture quality. Thanks to the intelligent management of the panel, backlight and digital processing circuits, the pictures come out sharp and clear. In addition the colors are always brilliant thanks to Wide Colour Enhancer circuit and special thanks to the very detailed circuits and Full HD panel. Enjoy an unparalleled quality of images with the new Samsung Smart TV. Thanks to Clear Motion Rate Circuit Samsung, which also optimizes the LED lighting pulse frequency, the images appear more fluid and natural. And thanks to the algorithm Clean View, you can experience crystal-clear and detailed images, like you’ve never seen. For perfect viewing experience, then there are the functions Wide Colour Enhancer Plus and Full HD all circuits, systems designed to improve the quality of any image and show hidden details that otherwise would not be visible. On connectivity, without adding anything The Samsung LED Series 6 allows your TV to wirelessly access and share streaming content from any device, such as smartphones and tablets Samsung Galaxy. You can also connect to the USB port to a memory stick or a hard drive to play your favorite movies, videos, photos and music. Moreover, with the Wi-Fi capabilities and integrated Wi-Fi Direct, the TV connects to your wireless network or even create a wireless ad-hoc network without the need for other equipment and accessories. Sport better than at the stadium, directly to your home engaging images and the ability to even make the replay of the finest actions: the best way to follow football and other sports. With Samsung Smart TV F6000 series, you can watch the sport that you like the most sophisticated and engaging way there is. The “Sport” mode puts you in a position, in fact, to attend a great show thanks to the optimization of image and sound specifically designed to make the most of the quality and dynamism of the sports events. Moreover, thanks to instant replay functions, you can review the most spectacular actions whenever you like and share sporting emotions with friends and family via the social TV features. Visit the official Samsung Product Page for more details. Best Electronics is a retailer of Samsung products in Bangladesh. Get your Samsung F6400 55″ 3D Television now from your nearest Best Electronics Showroom and enjoy easy installment facility. Screen Size: 55″ 3D TV: Yes Smart TV: Yes W x H x D (mm): Set without Stand: 1,250.4 x 724.6 x 48.8mm Set with Stand: 1,250.4 x 808.4 x 306.9mm Package: 1,555 x 820 x 170mm


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