Panasonic Washing Machine NA 127VB3

Panasonic Washing Machine NA 127VB3

Panasonic Washing Machine NA 127VB3
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Panasonic Washing Machine NA 127VB3
Model No: NA 127VB3
Price: Tk 49600.00
Views: 634 times.
Updated on: 2017-09-10
ID: 6872

Category: Washing Machine
Brand: Panasonic
Showroom Address: Click here

Product Description
Capacity: 7 KG
Type: Auto
A+ Energy Efficiency Foam Sensor, Shiwer Nozzles-2 Hydroactive+ Inlets, Time Delay, Child Lock Easy Installment Payment Facilities Standard Power 220V 50Hz
AQUABEAT WASH Strong beat water action throughly removes dirt lifted from fibers while the powerful Eco Aquabeat agitation prevents it from re-attaching to the cloths.
NEW AQUA SPIN RINSE The ECO AQUABEAT reduces water usage during rinsing, the washing cycle hat uses the most water.
FOAM WASH Panasonic patented foam wash technology helps in turning the detergent into a dense, highly concentrated cleaning foam that penetrates clothes and attacks grease and grime deep within the fabric fibres.
DANCING WATER FLOW Thoroughly agitates clothes to evenly rub them clean with just a little water. Thanks to its unique control, the quick reverse rotation of the pulsator is possible. Even with just a little water, this generates waves that uniformly agitate clothes ADVANCED AUTO-RESTART If power is lost, Auto-Restart gets things going again as soon as power returns. Instead of starting your course all over again, Auto-Restart goes back to two minutes before power was lost. This saves you time and saves energy too. AUTO POWER OFF Panasonic washing machines come loaded with features that are designed to save your precious resources. Its unique Auto Power Off feature ensures that when the washing machine is in stand-by mode energy consumption is about half and power is not used during standby, turning off the power automatically once the washing programme is complete. So, shop online now from Best Electronics Bangladesh and get the best price and as well as the best after sales service.


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