Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BK266

Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BK266

Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BK266
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Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BK266
Model No: NR-BK266
Price: Tk 55500.00
Views: 1040 times.
Updated on: 2017-11-01
ID: 2554

Category: Refrigerator
Brand: Panasonic
Showroom Address: Click here

Product Description
Model NR-BK266
Energy Efficiency Label Grade 1
Gross / Net Capacity: 262L Freezer
Compartment Capacity: 67L
Refrigerator Compartment Capacity: 152L
Hidden door hinge design on fridge's top Jumbo freezer & vegetable case,
easy to store "Ag" Air Purifying System,
Effective to Eliminate 99.9% Bacteria
LED Light Tempered Glass
Tray Colour: Warm Silver
Dimension: W600 x D614 x H1449 mm   W
eight (kg) 43
Colour Grey

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    Panasonic Refrigerator NR-BK266 One of the trusted and renowned names in the appliances market is Panasonic. Along with outstanding outlook they are also known for introducing new technologies at their model. In recent time Panasonic has lunched new double door ... more

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