GREE Deep Fridge GDF-202D

GREE Deep Fridge GDF-202D

GREE Deep Fridge GDF-202D
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GREE Deep Fridge GDF-202D
Model No: GDF-202D

Price: Tk 27000.00

Views: 810 times.
Updated on: 2018-08-29
Price Updated on: 2018-08-11
ID: 9752

Category: Freezer
Brand: Gree
Showroom Address: Click here

Product Description

Product Details:

Brand: GREE 
Energy Saving
202 Litre 
Thermostat adjustment button from 1 to 8
Steel plate inner liner
Four modes like Fridge,micro fridge,freezer and fast freezer.
HIPS environment friendly door liner
High strength door hinge
360 universal casters
Color: Blue (As given picture).

  • 2018-08-29
    GREE Deep Fridge GDF-202D Deep fridge is one of the types of refrigerator. Compare to refrigerator fridge has more cooling power and more capacity to store non vegetarian food for longer time without disturbing the mineral and vitamin of food. There are several appliances manufacturing companies are offering futuristic featuring model of freezer with elegant outlook.   Gree is a renowned brand and has been offering futuristic featuring model within affordable price and easily gettable at your nearest appliances showrooms. In recent time Gree has introduced new GRE... more

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